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McOuat Partnership Wins 2020 Business Employer of Excellence Award

By McOuat Partnership on Mar 05, 2021

McOuat Partnership was recently named the recipient of the Markham Board of Trade (MBT) Business Employer of Excellence Award, which recognizes a company for its ability to foster an inclusive culture that attracts, nourishes and retains top notch talent.

Presenting on behalf of Alectra Utilities, the Category Sponsor, Rachel Bertone said: “Reflecting on the challenging year that we just had, this category holds even more importance. COVID-19 has presented incredible challenges for employers and employees alike.”

“Job insecurity was at the top of everyone’s mind and new protocols had to be put in place to ensure safety so in the wake of all of that, to be recognized as a business employer of excellence is a tremendous accomplishment,” added Bertone.

Accepting the award virtually on behalf of the company was Craig McOuat, McOuat Partnership President. “At McOuat Partnership, we truly believe our staff is an extension of our family,” said McOuat. “We have always been committed to keeping employees productive, safe and healthy, even more so during this pandemic, which makes this award especially meaningful this year.”

Over the past year, McOuat Partnership implemented several strategies to help employees stay connected and engaged. Some of these practices include frequent check-in calls, organized activities for employees’ children, surprise lunch and birthday cake deliveries to each staff’s residences and virtual events celebrating special occasions. The thoughtful efforts proved so successful that the staff bought a commemorative plaque to thank management for helping them through this challenging time.

“I ensure this award will only double our efforts to continue to provide a work culture that nurtures, recognizes and rewards our staff’s excellence as we continue to invest in their future at McOuat Partnership,” said McOuat.

Candidates for the Business Employer of Excellence Award are selected by the MBT award committee from a pool of nominations. Candidates must meet with members of the award committee for an interview after which three nominees are selected as finalists for the award.

The recipient of the award is announced at the annual Business Excellence Awards, a yearly Gala held by MBT where the Markham community comes together to celebrate and acknowledge the entrepreneurial spirit, ingenuity and successes of local Markham businesses. This year’s “A Virtual Escape to Hawaii,” Gala was the 30th anniversary of the award ceremony and the first to be held virtually.

About McOuat Partnership:
Founded by Chuck McOuat in the mid 1970s, McOuat Partnership is an award-winning, full-service branding and strategic marketing agency specializing in real estate, resort and packed goods industries. With over 40 years of results-driven success in the industry on over 3,000 communities, McOuat Partnership is the most experienced real estate marketing agency in North America. A family legacy business, the company is now headed by Chuck McOuat’s five children: Craig, Lianne, Geoff, David and Allyson, and offers in-house services including advertising and media planning, digital, social, video, rendering, public relations and interior design divisions. For more information, visit

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