Mod’rn Condominium: 95% Sold in just 12 Hours! Image

Mod’rn Condominium: 95% Sold in just 12 Hours!

By Lucas on Nov 20, 2012

Wow, remember the Mod’rn Condominium that everyone was talking about last Friday? Remember how we checked out the preview opening on the Thursday, and we told you that the weekend Grand Opening was going to be all sorts of craziness? Well, it was.

In just 12 hours, Mod’rn Condominium sold 95% of its units.  95%!! That means there are only four or five units remaining at this amazing Burlington condo.

You know what? We’re not surprised. All those exclamation points are out of excitement for the Adi Development team and for Burlington’s future. There are many reasons for Mod’rn Condominium’s success.  For one, 1284 Guelph Line is a prime location in Burlington; it’s right off the QEW, it’s minutes from downtown, and all the amenities you could ever desire are within reach.

Then there’s the architecture, which Adi Development nailed. They are building in Burlington; they understand what will be accepted, and what will be loved.  They weren’t going to put a 60-storey tower on this site; it would stick out like a sore thumb. Adi Development presented a simple boutique condo that they knew everyone would welcome to the city, and when the sales centre doors opened, that’s exactly what happened.

The location is key, the design is top notch, and the prices are right.  Months before the opening, prices were advertised as starting in the $170,000s.  That’s unheard of in the Greater Toronto Area, at least in recent years. Of course that number was going to draw a crowd!

We are extremely excited for Mod’rn Condominium to begin construction so we can get a glimpse of what this great building will look like in real life.

If you are interested in Mod’rn Condominium by Adi Development, stop by the sales centre at 1284 Guelph Line just south of Centennial Drive. But, you have to hurry because the remaining units can be counted on just one hand!