Moving during winter doesn’t have to be a nightmare Image

Moving during winter doesn’t have to be a nightmare

By Newinhomes on Jan 22, 2019

So, you’ve decided to move during the winter, or maybe your new construction home is ready for occupancy and the builder has told you when you have to move in, and it’s in the middle of February. Don’t worry, as long as you take certain precautions, moving during the winter isn’t as bad as you think. 

Here are a few tips to make your winter move a breeze!

Shovel at both locations

You want your walkway and path to the moving truck as clear as possible, so keep a shovel on hand, especially if it’s still snowing. If it’s snowing hard, it won’t hurt to have a designated shoveller. Also get a couple bags of salt before the big day so you can prevent any tumbles at both locations. 

Protect your flooring

Whether you’re moving yourself or hiring movers, people with salty, wet boots will be trudging through both homes. If you have extra cardboard boxes, you can lay them down to create pathways inside the home. Be careful though, because the box flaps can be a tripping hazard. The ideal material would be runners, rugs, or drop cloths. 

Drive slowly

Moving can be a hectic time and you may feel rushed to get from house to house, but when the weather is bad it’s more important than ever to take your time, go slow, and drive cautiously. Your new house will be there no matter what time you arrive. The important thing is you and your family arrive safely.  

Make sure your utilities are hooked up

If it’s freezing cold, it would be awful to arrive at your new home to discover you don’t have electricity or heat. Before making the move, confirm that all your utilities are running, so when you finish moving, you can take a break with some hot chocolate, which leads to our next tip.  

Prepare a warm beverage 

Pack a box of hot chocolate, some food and tasty treats to reward all your family and friends for helping you move on a cold winter day. Label the box clearly and make sure it goes right into the kitchen so you have quick access to your kettle and any other appliances you need to prepare your treats. 

We hope these tips help your winter move go as smoothly as possible!

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