Mudroom and entryway tips that will make back-to-school way easier! Image

Mudroom and entryway tips that will make back-to-school way easier!

By Newinhomes on Sep 03, 2019

School is now back in session, but we bet you’re not 100% prepared yet. To help you get ready for the daily mission of getting your kids out the door, we’re sharing a few tips on how to improve your mudroom or entryway. 

First of all, not all homes have a mudroom, especially if you live in a smaller condo unit. That’s okay, any of these tips can be applied to an entryway area.

Dedicated cubbies

Having dedicated cubbies is especially helpful when you have more than one child. Whether you have cubbies, hooks, baskets, or all of the above, make sure each one of your kids knows which section belongs to them. To make it even easier, take a trip to Michaels or your local craft store or dollar store and create some DIY name tags. You can also get your kids to help create their own so they’re proud to come home to their own cubby. 

Storage bench and seating

The colder months creep up quickly when school starts, which means you have a ton of extra stuff to deal with like gloves, boots, scarves, toques, sweaters, jackets, etc. Hanging up a coat is no problem, and even a scarf with the coat will look neat still. But, add all of the other things and you suddenly have a cluttered space. A storage bench can help you hide a lot of the miscellaneous pieces and also give you and your kids a place to sit while putting on boots. 

Floor covers

To avoid damaging your flooring or creating slipping hazards, you should have a runner or some sort of floor covering with rubberized bottom. If all the shoes and boots are being stored in one spot, then you’re bound to have dirt, water, ice, and snow making its way into your home. This doesn’t have to be an ugly black mat like you see in office building lobbies - there are plenty of options that can help you add a pop of colour to your mudroom or entryway. 


There are a couple reasons why you may want to hang a large mirror on the wall. First of all, after your kids are done putting on all their gear to head to school, they may want one last look in the mirror before they step out into the world. Secondly, a mudroom or entryway can feel and literally be a crammed area of your home, especially when two or more people are all preparing to head out the door at the same time. A mirror will help your mudroom or entryway feel and look more spacious. 

Chalkboard checklist

How often do your kids forget stuff at home and remember it when they’re already at school? Right by the door, you should put a chalkboard up that’s a checklist of things that your kids need to bring to school every day. If there’s something specific they need to bring, like a permission form, you can tell them to make a note of it on the chalkboard checklist so that it’s not forgotten in the morning. 

We hope these mudroom and entryway tips help with back-to-school and make your morning routine way easier! 


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