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Noble Ridge: Country Living in Rockwood

By on Feb 06, 2013

Great news! Reid Homes is now accepting registrations for their brand new community, Noble Ridge: Country Living in Rockwood.  

The Homes of Noble Ridge

At Noble Ridge, Reid Homes is offering a stunning selection of 30’, 40’, and 50’ detached singles. Featuring brick elevations with masonry detailing, large front windows, columns, front porches, and covered entryways, the homes of Noble Ridge promote a timeless aesthetic - pleasing to the eye of any passerby. 

With sizes ranging from 1,438 to 3,100 square feet, Noble Ridge can accommodate you whether you’re single, a couple, retirees, a large family, or anything in between. The floorplans are expertly designed in order to maximize space and comfort, while maintaining an ideal level of intimacy. Some of the traditional interior features and finishes include Heritage Colonial doors, ceramic tiling, finished cabinetry, oak handrails, and white bathroom fixtures.   

Noble Ridge in Rockwood 

What we truly love about Noble Ridge is the location. Just off Harris St. in Rockwood, Noble Ridge is surrounded by beautiful landscape. The best part is that Noble Ridge is nestled next to the Rockwood Conservation Area, so those towering trees surrounding your home are there to stay. Also, the Conservation Area is perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities, like camping, hiking, swimming, or even just an afternoon picnic. Plus, the Eramosa River runs directly through the heart of Rockwood, so your natural surroundings can’t get any better. 

Noble Ridge is enveloped by the natural beauty of Rockwood, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an abundance of neighbourhood amenities and services. Because of Rockwood’s appeal to the outdoorsy-type, it receives hundreds of thousands of visitors a year, so although the town maintains a peaceful atmosphere, it is ready for anything.  

Register for Noble Ridge Now!

Noble Ridge is in the preconstruction phase, so you still have the opportunity to be amongst the first to receive more news and updates on Reid Homes’ amazing Rockwood community. If you are interested in learning more about how you can call Noble Ridge home, then register now! 

You can even book an appointment to receive more information by calling 519-856-4271. Or, take a little drive out to Rockwood and check out the fabulous Noble Ridge Model Homes at 409 and 405 Jolliffe Ave.  

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