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Nomad Micro Homes Aims for Affordability in Vancouver’s Housing Market

By Lucas on Nov 01, 2013

Vancouver company Nomad Micro Homes is aiming to solve the city’s affordability issue with inexpensive DIY homes.

The average size of a Nomad home is about 160 square feet and the starting price is just $25,000. If you want kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures, the price jumps to $28,000.

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“There’s a wide range of uses, from people using them as additional accommodation, to recreational property — you could basically drive this home in and assemble it in a week,” said Ian Kent, President of Nomad Micro Homes.

Apparently the base version of the Nomad can be built with one “handyman” and an assistant in a week’s time. The Nomad homes use a screw pile system for its foundation, eliminating the need to dig any holes or pour concrete. The piles can be screwed in by hand and the home rests on top of the platform.

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Nomad Micro Homes can also ship these DIY units to anywhere in the world. We’re not sure what the average shipping cost would be...but if you live overseas, it might cost more than the entire home. If you happen to live in an extreme climate, the Nomad homes are designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures.

For those looking to spend a little bit more dough, upgrades like composting toilets, solar panel systems, greywater treatment systems, and rainwater collection systems are available.

Nomad Micro Homes is seeking funding on crowd-funding website indiegogo, with a goal of $120,000. With the recent feature on Global News, the project has received a significant amount of attention.

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There is one obstacle that stands in the way of Nomad Micro Homes’ vision of affordable housing in Vancouver. “The bylaws in many municipalities and cities don’t quite allow something like this, it’s something that we are going to start lobbying for once we have this product fully established,” said Kent.

It’s not that the municipalities “don’t quite allow something like this,” it’s that they don’t. 320 square feet is legally the smallest a home can be in Vancouver. With a number of micro-developments underway, we won’t be surprised if the bylaw is altered to better accommodate the future of residential development.

What do you think of the Nomad home? Could you live in one?

Images via Global News. 

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