Now’s the time to start saving for your new home Image

Now’s the time to start saving for your new home

By Newinhomes on Aug 01, 2018

Some people are on vacation, some are staying home and trying to save money. Typically, the housing market heats up in the spring and slows down in the summer. It was the opposite this year, which inspired us to focus on money saving tips for all of August!

In June 2018, there was an uptick in new home sales activity, spurring positive forecasts for the second half of the year. Seeing more people active in the market is gradually rebuilding confidence among other buyers. If you’re not ready to buy this summer, perhaps now is the time to start saving for a fall purchase, or maybe you’re thinking more long term like next spring or even in a year or two.

For all of August, we’ll be sharing different money saving tips with you, and we’ll be hearing from some industry professionals on how you can save in other ways around your home! We’ll also be highlighting the importance of saving and having an emergency fund when you own your home.

Saving money is your number one resource for new home communities in and around the Greater Toronto Area, so we’ll also be shining the spotlight on any great purchaser incentives that we happen to catch wind of.

For example, we recently shared the news that Fusion Homes is offering up to $25,000 in decor upgrades at Explorers Walk in Kitchener! A bonus like this would really help you get into the home of your dreams. Hopefully we hear about some more great incentives like this!

In June and July, we focused on summer tips, and we had a couple posts that were relevant to this month’s theme. Penelope Graham shared a few ways to chill your hydro bill with a smart thermostat. Remember, energy efficiency at home usually equals saving money. We also posted a few tips to save water at home, which lowers your utility bill.

As the GTA housing market begins to rebound, saving for your home purchase may be a high priority; if it is, stay tuned for a month of money saving tips!


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