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Quick home renovations you should do before listing

By Newinhomes on Feb 14, 2019

Is it time to sell your home? You should consider giving it a little refresh before listing it so it looks good for photos and makes a good impression when people come to tour it. If you’ve bought a new construction home, then you likely have some time to do a few quick home renovations.

The small details in a home make a big difference, and discerning buyers will look at your home through a magnifying glass. That’s why we’ve listed a few budget-friendly and quick home renovations you should do before listing your home. 

Replace cabinetry hardware 

You’d be surprised how much brand new cabinetry hardware can impact a room, especially in the kitchen. The handles on your cabinets are almost like jewelry - they accent and emphasize their surroundings. You can also upgrade your cabinetry hardware in your bathrooms.

Recaulk everything 

You may not notice it on a daily basis, but your bathrooms sinks, bathtubs, and windows have caulking around them. It won’t take long and won’t break the bank if you recaulk it all. There will be a fresh, white border around everything, and it can make windows and other features look like new. Potential buyers may not even know why your bathroom looks so fresh - all that matters is that they’re happy and impressed. 

Paint focal points

A fresh coat of paint almost always makes things look like new. The obvious place to start would be main living areas, like your living room, bedrooms, and the kitchen. If you think these areas look okay, then there are a few smaller spots you should focus on. Believe it or not, repainting your ceiling can make a big impact. You can also paint your garage doors and front door in order to make a positive first impression. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can paint cabinetry or exterior window boxes. 

Change to LED lighting

LED lighting is bright and energy efficient. Incandescent lighting can give a room a yellowish tinge. Energy efficiency is also a priority for many buyers these days, so switching all your lighting to LEDs will make your home seem more progressive and contemporary. 

We hope these quick reno tips help make your home look just a little bit better and help you sell slightly faster! The minimal effort and small spend will definitely be worth it! 

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