Santa’s custom North Pole home increases in value to nearly $765,000 Image

Santa’s custom North Pole home increases in value to nearly $765,000

By Newinhomes on Nov 27, 2018

Zillow just released a very important statement, announcing that Santa Claus’ home at the North Pole has increased in value to an estimated $764,389, which is a 7.6% year-over-year increase. 

Back in 2016, Santa and Mrs. Claus claimed their home on Zillow, and they updated the specs to three-bedroom, two-bathroom log cabin. They also added some incredible photos. The home was built in 1822, but there have been recent remodels, including an updated gourmet kitchen with hot cocoa on tap. 
Santa Claus home
“Boughs of holly deck the hall leading to the master bedroom and two charming guest rooms,” reads the description of Santa’s living quarters on Zillow. “Tiptoe to Santa’s quiet study where an impressive writing desk is flanked by the same sewing table he used to make the original Teddy bear.” We’re not sure who’s spending the night in the guest rooms at Santa’s, but maybe he’s renting them out on Airbnb. 

The 2,500 square foot home also features an office where Santa keeps his lists and designs new toys, a toy workshop, a garage for his sleigh, and cozy stables for his reindeer. The lot is 25 acres, which ensures privacy throughout the year.  
Santa Claus home
It turns out Santa is also somewhat of a developer because he built a neighbouring village of tiny homes for his elves, so they don’t have to commute far to work, and each home is unique to the elves’ personalities. Each of the tiny homes are 150 square feet, which may sound small, but remember who’s residing in them.  

"It's always fun to get a peek inside famous and well-known houses, and Santa's North Pole home is one of the most famous in the world," says Zillow President Jeremy Wacksman. "We're excited to let kids around the world get a first-hand look at how Santa lives when he's not out delivering presents."
Santa Claus home
To ensure all children have a home for Santa to visit every year, Zillow launched the Home Project in 2017, which aims to bring awareness to non-profits helping families on the brink of homelessness across the US. We don’t focus on US real estate, but to all our US readers and local readers with family in the states, please spread the word about this list on non-profits. 

Also, in case you’re wondering, Santa’s home in not for sale.  

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