Sneak peek of the DuEast Condominiums amenities! Image

Sneak peek of the DuEast Condominiums amenities!

By Lucas on Sep 11, 2017

Your first look - Daniels just sent us a sneak peek of the amenities at DuEast Condominiums in Regent Park in Toronto. As usual, Daniels is exceeding expectations!

Daniels shared a look at the co-working space, the kids’ zone, and the mega gym, all of which are part of the Compass Club, which is what Daniels is calling the collection of amenities at DuEast Condominiums.

The co-working space looks like it accommodates large groups or individuals. The boardroom style table is good for collaborations and if you need more privacy, snuggle up in a comfy chair or grab a seat at the desk by the window.

Other features include a sink and a whiteboard. The sink is actually a great idea that we don’t see often in condo work spaces. This way, you can make tea or coffee without having to gather up your belongings and going up to your unit. We should also point out that there is a man in a wheelchair, emphasizing the accessibility of Daniels’ developments.

The kids’ zone looks like a ton of fun. There are climbing apparatuses, toys, and arts and crafts materials. There also seems to be parents and a child sitting in front of some sort of electronic gaming console (the child is holding a controller).

We really like that Daniels is showing how a stronger condo community can be established through the use of these spaces with the corkboard. They made it so residents in the rendering are using it for birthdays in the building. This shows awareness of neighbours and a sense of coming together for the purpose of celebrating.

The mega gym looks pretty impressive. Whether you are lifting weights, working on cardio, crossfit training, or doing yoga, DuEast can accommodate. This rendering doesn’t show a yoga room, but the woman in the centre with the purple bag is holding a blue yoga mat.

There’s also a chalkboard, which we think is another great idea that you don’t see often in condo gyms. The chalkboard can be used to count sets, set up a workout, or record goals for your session.

Another amenity we want to draw attention to, though we didn’t receive a rendering, is the rooftop gardening area. There will be a number of plots for residents to put their green thumbs to good use. This is a Daniels signature amenity and it’s a great way to bring the condo community together.

Join the DuEast Condominiums Inner Circle

DuEast Condominiums in Toronto by Daniels

Daniels will preview DuEast Condominiums to Inner Circle members this fall! By joining the Inner Circle, you receive an invite to the first Advanced Sale, so you get the widest selection of suites, views, and pricing.

There’s a $300 registration fee, which is later applied to the price of your unit when you purchase. If you don’t end up buying, then the $300 is refunded, so you have nothing to lose!

Daniels will also be offering qualified first-time buyers their First Home BOOST, which turns your 5% down payment into 15% with a 10% interest-free and payment-free loan.

To stay in the loop, join the DuEast Inner Circle right now!

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