Some inspiration for your last minute Halloween decorations Image

Some inspiration for your last minute Halloween decorations

By Newinhomes on Oct 24, 2019

It’s hard to believe, but Halloween is right around the corner. You’re probably just recovering from stuffing yourself on Thanksgiving, and then got caught up in the federal election, so we bet you haven’t decorated your home yet! 

Don’t worry, we have classic ideas and tips for you and some photos to inspire your Halloween decor. 

Focus on your front door 

Halloween decorations

If you are feeling rushed, then you should focus on your front door because it’s what every trick-or-treater will see right before you give them their candy. We like the idea pictured above where the door looks like a face, and just to add a little extra creepiness, there are skeleton hands dangling from the doorknob, which probably make a rattling noise as the door opens.   

Have good lighting

Halloween decorations

Yes, the dark is scary, but there’s a good chance many of your trick-or-treaters are younger children, so lighting the way up to your front door is a good idea. You don’t want anyone to trip on your walkway or step on a pumpkin. Turn on your outdoor lights, and maybe even your front foyer lights. This is also a sign that you’re welcoming trick-or-treaters. 

Classic graveyard

Halloween decorations

If you have a patch of grass, the graveyard is a classic look. Tombstones are easy to find at any dollar store or Halloween pop-up. We really like the little something extra pictured above with the witch limbs popping out of the ground. 

Go with the ghost 

Halloween decorations

Another easy and effective Halloween decoration is the classic ghost floating in the front yard. All you have to do is put a sheet over something round, like a ball or balloon, and then hang it from the tree with fishing line, or thin string or wire. This can actually be pretty ominous looking and kind of scary when it gets later and only the moonlight remains. 

You don’t have to be scary!

Halloween decorations

Halloween is all about the scare factor, but that’s not fun for everyone. If you want to partake in Halloween, but don’t like creepy stuff, then go the party route and decorate using orange and black. Put out some jack-o-lanterns, balloons, a festive banner, and you got yourself a Halloween themed party/house. 

We hope these tips help you decorate your homes for Halloween! Stay safe and have fun out there! 

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