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Tarion: Getting to Know Your New Home

By Lucas on Mar 25, 2014

By Tarion

If you’re like many new home buyers, you’ll likely drive or walk by your new home many times while it’s under construction, sharing photos of its progress along the way.

The home building process is an exciting time and we know you can’t wait to get a good look at your new home and show it off to family and friends.

Your first real chance to get a top to bottom look at your home in its completed state will be during your Pre-Delivery Inspection, or PDI.

When you purchase a new home or condominium, your builder is required by Tarion to conduct a PDI with you on or before the day you take possession. The PDI is more than just a first look around, it’s your opportunity to view your home in its entirety, learn about how to properly maintain it and take stock of anything that may be damaged, incomplete, missing, or not working properly.

You may be excited to show your new home to your friends and family, but this isn’t the time. The PDI is an important part of taking possession of your new home and deserves your full attention. If you are not able to attend yourself, you can ask someone you trust to be there on your behalf.

During the inspection, you should carefully examine your home both inside and out. Look for things like chips in bathtubs and sinks, scratches on counter tops, damage to floors, walls, cabinetry or other finishings, and doors and windows that are not secure or do not open and close easily.

Outside, check things like the quality of brickwork and siding, whether window screens have been installed, and the appearance of the driveway and landscaping.

Your builder’s representative is responsible for making notes of any areas of concern on a PDI form. Review the form carefully to make sure it’s complete. This will become the official record of the condition of your home before you moved in. In case of a disagreement between you and your builder over whether any damage occurred before or after you took possession, Tarion will refer to the notes on your PDI form.

The builder is required to provide you with a copy of the completed PDI, but you may want to take your own notes as well. Feel free to take pictures of any damage or incomplete items. If necessary, those photos can be submitted to Tarion at a later date.

You should take your time when looking over your new home. As a general rule of thumb, a PDI may take about an hour for every 1,000 square feet being inspected.

We’ve heard from buyers who said the condition of the home made it impossible to accurately assess its condition. Sometimes there is still too much construction dust and debris or even weather factors that prevent you from getting a good look. If this happens, make sure to note the items that could not be inspected on the PDI form.

Use the PDI as an opportunity to ask questions and learn about how your home functions. Your builder will show you how to operate your home’s systems, like heating, electrical, air conditioning, and plumbing, and provide you with operating manuals.

Buyers sometimes hire a professional home inspector to accompany them during the PDI. While you are welcome to bring along a trusted companion or professional, buyers should really think about the purpose of the PDI, which is to form a record of the state of your home before you take possession.

Tarion advises buyers who are thinking of hiring a professional home inspector to consider waiting for the 30 day or year-end warranty period. You’ll have much more time to get to know your home and its systems and will have a better indication of any potential problems that your home inspector can look into. If you do hire a home inspector, you should find one who is certified in conducting new construction inspections.

The New Home Buyers section on Tarion’s website has a number of resources to help you prepare for your PDI including a PDI checklist and a guide to Getting Ready for the PDI. You’ll also find the Homeowner Information Packageor HIP, which your builder will provide on or before your inspection date. Tarion always recommends buyers read the HIP before their PDI. Being informed and well prepared is the best way to start your homeownership experience!

If you have questions about your warranty, visit Tarion.com or find us on Facebook.

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