The Art Shoppe is closing its iconic Toronto showroom and yes, there’s a sale! Image

The Art Shoppe is closing its iconic Toronto showroom and yes, there’s a sale!

By Newinhomes on May 23, 2019

On the lookout for luxury furniture and decor accessories for your new home? Then you should definitely check out the giant sale at The Art Shoppe

Even if you can’t afford to actually shop at The Art Shoppe, you’ve likely heard of the iconic 70,000 square foot showroom in the Castlefield Design District in Toronto. The company has an 83-year history in the city, and they are planning for the next era, but not before unloading some of its inventory. 

"For generations, designers, collectors and homeowners in Toronto have relied on the Art Shoppe's world-traveling buyers to curate the very best in home furnishings, rugs, objets d'art, accessories and more," says Mark Bannon, Director of Furniture Solutions for Tiger Capital Group, the company conducting the strategic sale on behalf of The Art Shoppe. "This sale is special, not only because of the pieces on offer, but also because it celebrates the long history of a storied Toronto business."

The sale kicks off with 20% to 50% off a wide variety of pieces from living room decor to dining, bedroom, office, and other furniture pieces and accessories. Keep in mind The Art Shoppe is a luxury option, so 20% off a $40,000 dining set might not be the deal you’re looking for. But, keep in mind there are also high quality pieces in the low thousands, and with the discounts, you could discover an incredible deal. 

In the digital age with online shopping options like Wayfair, Amazon, and Article, a 70,000 square foot showroom just doesn’t make sense (as cool as it may be). We’re not sure what the next steps are for The Art Shoppe or what will become of the building, but if you’re eager to find that perfect accent chair from Italy, or maybe a Canadian-made nightstand, then you should check out the sale!

"The family has brought style and elegance to Toronto's visual landscape for more than 80 years," says Bannon. "Everything has its season. Like so many disrupted sectors, the luxury furniture business is entering a new phase in which smaller-format, Internet-based showrooms are on the rise. The Art Shoppe is a powerful brand with the potential for another chapter. Stay tuned."

Visit The Art Shoppe at 71 Kincort St. Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 6 pm or on Sunday from 12 pm to 5 pm. 

Feature image via The Art Shoppe Facebook page.


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