The benefits of a new office condo in your community Image

The benefits of a new office condo in your community

By Lucas on Mar 16, 2017

The Blog is the spot to stay updated on Ontario’s real estate market, specifically the new home industry in and around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We mostly focus on new residential and occasionally provide a few tips about home maintenance and city living. With construction progressing well at 130 QQE, the new office condo on Toronto’s waterfront by Daniels, we want to share a few of the benefits of having an office condo in your neighbourhood.

First of all, we should point out that 130 QQE is part of the exciting Daniels Waterfront - City of the Arts development, and it is under construction on Queens Quay, on the south side of the site. The two new residential condos, Lighthouse Tower and Lighthouse Tower East, will be on the north side of the site.

The Mindspace at 130 QQE in Toronto by Daniels The Mindspace boardroom

It’s common to see mixed-use developments in the works in Toronto, but this is the first office condo on the waterfront. Up until recently, the majority of the office space in new developments was for lease. Office condos are still kind of rare, but with Daniels leading the way, we could start seeing more of it.

What we really like about the office condo concept is that it ensures that some of the businesses are more invested in the community. Sure, a one to three year lease is a big commitment, but actually owning the space is a big step for a business; they’re setting roots and calling the community home for their work family.

Yes, there is the possibility that investors could purchase some of the office space to generate rental income, but we feel like Daniels has set the right tone for the community by partnering with many local arts organizations. Artscape, Manifesto, The Remix Project, and OCAD University will have space at 130 QQE, and Daniels is also moving their headquarters to the building!

The Spark at 130 QQE in Toronto by Daniels The Spark boardroom

Daniels is catering to businesses who want to own and operate in the space by making it possible to combine suites to accommodate unique business needs. If you were searching for a new space to operate your business, you most likely wouldn’t have this kind of flexibility with a lease.  

The office condo concept also allows for more control when it comes to the vibe of the community. Already, Daniels has established an arts-focused environment, and with design control over the office common areas and amenities, they can help create a workplace atmosphere with a positive and engaging energy, which would undoubtedly emanate into the residential and public areas of Daniels Waterfront - City of the Arts.

The new office condo on Toronto’s waterfront

Rooftop terrace at 130 QQE in Toronto by Daniels Rooftop terrace

There are two buildings at 130 QQE. The West Tower is 13 storeys with 116 suites, ranging from 720 to 2,345 square feet, and some of them have private terraces. The terraces are on floors 5, 9, 11, and 13. The East Tower is 10 storeys tall with 51 suites, ranging from 805 to 1,915 square feet (also has options with private terraces).

The art gallery inspired lobby is designed to impress employees and clients. There are two technologically-advanced boardrooms designed for different kinds of meetings. The Mindspace boardroom is more formal with artwork from local artists, whereas The Spark is more casual, making it the perfect spot for a brainstorm meeting.

Common area at 130 QQE in Toronto by Daniels Common area

Other amenities include The Hub, which is a communal lounge on the 9th floor that has a kitchenette, as well as a 4,900 square foot terrace with barbecues, ample seating, wi-fi, and stunning views of the lake. There is also onsite commercial parking, bike storage, and shower facilities.

For more information about the available office condos at 130 QQE, visit the presentation centre at 162 Queens Quay East Monday to Thursday from 11 am to 7 pm or on the weekend from 12 pm to 6 pm. You can also call 416-221-3939.  

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