The best interior design trends of 2017 Image

The best interior design trends of 2017

By Jo-Ann Capelaci on Dec 21, 2017

Do you follow interior design trends? As 2017 draws to a close, let’s take a look at some of the best trends that made this year in design more beautiful. You should pay close attention because some of these will remain trendy in the new year!

All white kitchens

The best interior design trends of 2017

White cabinets remained a staple in kitchens this year as I see clients continuing to ask for this design direction. Clean lines and beautifully simple design still dominate the desired look for many.

White backsplashes and countertops married up with white cabinets in 2017. Although the mixture of all three following the same colour scheme could leave some skeptical, it provides a polished, tasteful, and clean outcome.

Farmhouse décor

The best interior design trends of 2017

We noticed an influx of interest in farmhouse design in 2017. Repurposed wood, sliding barn doors, hanging signage, and iron milk crates have shown up in many households. Mixing historic and aged pieces with clean, transitional pieces leads to a space that is timeless and comfortable without being overdone. And the mingling of clean lines is important to make this style look new, instead of dated.

Muted colour schemes

The best interior design trends of 2017


Jewel tones and rich hues often took a backseat as attention was directed to more muted and natural tones. In 2017 we specified shades of grey, beige, and sage greens. Not only do these paint options leave a space feeling calmer and larger, they also generate opportunities for modification and growth within a space, as décor changes throughout the years.

Warm toned leather sofas

The best interior design trends of 2017

Via Pinterest

With many spaces taking on cooler colour schemes and more simple design aesthetics, there has been a steady interest in incorporating warmer elements into living spaces. Shades of brown leather sofas have taken off in the interior design world.

The folds and variations in the leather contribute to a comfortable and inviting space while the neutral shade leaves an area of opportunity to integrate pillows and throws, depending on the season.

Accessorizing with gold

The best interior design trends of 2017


The quickest way to update a bathroom or kitchen is by swapping out the hardware. This year gold accents and accessorizing took off. We saw various stylistic options available for both knobs and pulls, lighting and accessories, leaving endless options.

Many different golds were present; pink gold, brushed gold and antique gold. Gold looks beautiful against most hues and has the ability to create a unique and customized appearance. Match the hardware on your cabinets with a faucet in the same gold finish to complete the look. Or mix golds into your palette and combine them with other finishes.

Whether you follow the trends or are steadfast on forging your own design path in choosing what suits you best, it is fun to look back at design trends from 2017. More to come on 2018 predictions in an upcoming article. If you would like to see other examples of these 2017 design trends you can check out our Pinterest board.

Wishing you the best of the holiday season! Looking forward to helping you learn more about design and how to integrate options into your home in 2018!

Jo-Ann Capelaci is president and principal interior designer of Colours & Concepts Inc. The award winning company specializes in model homes and colour and upgrade selections for builders. They have been helping new home buyers choose finishes for their homes for over 20 years. Jo-Ann is dedicated to helping new home buyers create a model home feeling in their new home. Look for future articles on other topics to assist in decorating and designing your new home.

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