The highly anticipated New Kleinburg opening is this weekend! Image

The highly anticipated New Kleinburg opening is this weekend!

By Newinhomes on Oct 28, 2019

We have some exciting news for those in search of a new home in Kleinburg - the grand opening event at New Kleinburg is this weekend! 

There is an incredible team of top Greater Toronto Area builders behind New Kleinburg, including Arista Homes, DECO Homes, Fieldgate Homes, OPUS Homes, Paradise Developments, and TACC Developments. 

The new release features freehold townhomes and 30’, 38’, and 44’ luxury detached homes. Last weekend, the builders hosted an open house event so prospective purchasers could browse the elevations and lots, and ask any questions about the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

The builders only answered questions at the open house, the homes were not available for sale yet, so you haven’t missed out on the opening. The open house concept is clever because it gives serious buyers a chance to get all the information they need in order to make a purchasing decision on the big day. 

We’re predicting there will be a big turnout at New Kleinburg this Saturday because earlier this year hundreds of buyers lined up to buy at a spring release. We actually chatted with some people at the front of the Fieldgate line that day, and they told us that they lined up days in advance and had to check in for attendance every three hours in order to secure their spot! 

This list for the spring opening wasn’t even organized by the builders. The buyers took it upon themselves to keep the line organized. The builders then used the list to hand out numbers in an effort to keep the opening as fair as possible. What we’re trying to say is, if you want to show up early for this weekend’s opening, there’s no harm in it. 

When we saw this turnout at New Kleinburg back in April, we knew it was a sign that 2019 was going to be a busy year, and compared to 2018, it has been! Just look at August 2019, when new single-family home sales increased 143% year-over-year

In addition to the high quality homes and builders with good reputations, the New Kleinburg location is a big draw for families. Located at Huntington Rd. and Nashville Rd., just north of Major Mackenzie Dr. West, the community is surrounded by shopping, dining, schools, parks, conservation areas, and everything else your family needs on a daily basis. 

Register for New Kleinburg right now! 

The New Kleinburg opening is on November 2, and doors will open at 11 am sharp! The sales offices are located at 9829 Hwy 27. Remember, people will likely arrive early for this opening, so plan accordingly! 

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