The shifting demand for innovative condo amenities Image

The shifting demand for innovative condo amenities

By Jen Taylor on Dec 09, 2015

In Toronto’s competitive condo market, developers are constantly looking for ways to stand out from the rest. Condo amenities are an important tool for developers looking to attract homebuyers and edge out the competition.

As time passes and a new generation of homebuyers emerges, simply advertising a sauna or swimming pool just doesn’t cut it. Homebuyers want amenities that will complement their lifestyles and developers have to adjust.

As 2015 comes to an end, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite condo amenities that changed the game, altering the way we think about healthy living, outdoor space, the streetscape, commuting, and unleashing your creative side.

5959 Yonge Street Condos - Multi-Use Court Preview from 5959Condos on Vimeo.

1) Cater to active lifestyles

State-of-the-art gyms have become the norm in Toronto’s condominium market, and condo buyers have come to expect these facilities as a minimum standard from developers. In order to catch the eye of health-conscious homebuyers, Ghods Builders took fitness to the next level, using cutting-edge LED technology to give residents a multi-purpose court and diverse fitness experience.

5959 Yonge Street Condos in Toronto is the first condo to feature an LED court that produces lines and boundaries for your favourite sports with the push of a button. Some of the games include basketball, volleyball, squash, badminton, and soccer.

Condo amenities that create more green space Via

2) Create more outdoor space

Sometimes even the best balcony won’t cut it, so living near green space is super important. Lanterra Developments’ is embracing this ethos and giving back green space to the city at 11 Wellesley on the Park,. Originally intended to be two towers, the developer decided to use 1.6 acres of the land for a large park instead.

The landscaped pathways and flower gardens are designed to function as a refuge from the city for residents to relax and recharge. Lanterra recognizes that green space is not just a luxury, but an important component of any healthy lifestyle.   

The Bartholomew by The Daniels Corporation includes community garden plots in the central courtyard, giving residents a place to grow vegetables, socialize, and build a sense of community through urban agricultural activities. The condominium will also establish a gardening committee to mentor residents and ensure the garden (and community) thrives and grows.

Condo amenities that promote vibrant streetlife The Yard at Daniels Waterfront

3) Support a vibrant streetlife

At Daniels Waterfront in Toronto, Daniels is focusing on streetlife with an amenity called The Yard. This pedestrian-only cobblestone corridor will be lined with shops and cafes, as well as an outdoor waterfront space ideal for festivals and concerts. Many condos offer exclusive rooftop amenities that drive their residents higher into the sky, but Daniels Waterfront is setting the bar for street-level community living that keeps people connected and emphasizes the shared neighbourhood over the exclusive rooftop.

Condo amenities that support alternative modes of transportation Biking through West Queen West

4) Be more sustainable

Sustainability is becoming very important to all kinds of homeowners, and amenities that cater to cyclists and environmentally-conscious commuters are quickly gaining popularity.

City Core Developments and Fortress Real Developments’ Harmony Village Sheppard project provides on-site bicycle storage and rentals so commuters can skip the crowded streetcar, and get some exercise on the way to work.

The condominium also features an underground parking lot that includes charging spaces for electric vehicles. Minto’s Bside at Minto Westside is another condo that is offering electric vehicle charging in the parking garage.

The future of electric vehicles in the downtown area depends partly on our city’s infrastructure and its willingness to accommodate new technologies. The province of Ontario recently committed to spending $20 million on building electric vehicle charging stations.

Condo amenities that support the arts Daniels Waterfront art studio

5) Help support the arts

Sometimes, condo living can be tough for creatives. It’s difficult to paint, create, or assemble your work in a small condo unit, and expensive to rent and maintain a studio space in the city. Andrin Homes, Berkshire Axis, and SigNature Communities recognize this, so they are including creative space at East United Condos.

The condo will feature“The Workshop,” a space at ground level designed to accommodate creatives looking for a bright and well-ventilated place to work on their latest projects. The garage door ensures that toxic fumes won’t collect in the workshop and also makes transporting your work a breeze.

Again, Daniels takes a step forward in the amenity game by also featuring art studios at Daniels Waterfront, where there will be space for private work and group classes.

We feel like developers came a long way this year in impressing condo buyers with new and innovative amenities. We wonder if these amenities will continue to appeal to the buyers of tomorrow, and we’re curious to see what next year will bring!