These Toronto area condos are designed for families Image

These Toronto area condos are designed for families

By Newinhomes on Jun 17, 2019

As the average price of a new single-family home in the Greater Toronto Area hovers above $1 million, more people with children are embracing the condo lifestyle. But which condos are good for kids? 

We looked back through our records and past blog posts to see which new condos have the best suites and amenities for children, and one name kept coming up: Daniels. And it just so happens that Daniels has an entire web page dedicated to suites that are “Designed for Families.” 

There are four Daniels condo communities that are ideal for families: Artworks Tower in Toronto, DuEast & DuEast Boutique in Toronto, and Wesley Daniels City Centre in Mississauga. At these condos, you’ll discover indoor kids play zones, climbing walls, a full arcade, and outdoor play structures (amenities as per plan). 

At Artworks Tower, there are two- and three-bedroom suites starting from the mid $700,000s. DuEast and the Boutique phase have three-bedrooms from the low $800,000s, and the two- and three-bedrooms start from the $600,000s at Wesley. These prices are pretty good compared to the $1 million+ average price of a new single-family home in the GTA.

When you buy a single-family home, if you want a home theatre, you need to install it yourself, and that could cost a lot of money. Want a rec room with a billiards table? Have to buy that, too. And any of those renovations are on top of the regular maintenance you have to do on your home. In a condo, you pay monthly condo fees and that covers the maintenance of all your incredible amenity spaces. No need for big renos or large amounts of money up front. 

Aside from family-friendly amenities and open concept suites that have enough bedrooms for children, we think that walkability should be a top priority for families.

When you have children, every minute saved is valuable. You should be able to walk home from work and pick up some ingredients for dinner on the way. Your kids should be comfortable walking to and from school. There should be cultural and community events in your neighbourhood on a regular basis. Your children are exposed to so much more diversity and multiculturalism living in an urban centre like Toronto or Mississauga. 

Plus, a car is expensive. If you have more than one child, we can see you maybe needing a car while living downtown, and there are parking spots available at Daniels’ condo communities, but if you can live without a car, that’s a huge expense that you don’t have to worry about. 

As the GTA’s population grows and the government and building industry attempt to keep up with demand, higher density housing is going to be proposed near major transit hubs, which means more families will have to embrace condo life. 

Daniels was one of the first to anticipate this trend. They’ve been planning condo communities for families for years now, so if you’re looking for an ideal place to raise your children, then you should definitely check out your options here!  

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