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Things to consider before hiring an interior decorator

By Newinhomes on Mar 12, 2018

Does the idea of spring have you dreaming up a refresh for your home? Is your vision blank? Are you having a difficult time picturing how to get to your desired outcome? Whether you have an old home or just bought a new one, perhaps you need to hire an interior decorator.

To many homeowners, hiring an interior decorator is untrekked territory. The idea can seem overwhelming, but it’s actually meant to be the opposite. The first step is accepting you don’t have a decorating bone in your body, so the whole point is to put the project into someone else’s hands.

Here are a few things you should consider before hiring an interior decorator:

Review many portfolios

Ask friends for recommendations and search online for local talent. The portfolio has to impress because it’s the only gauge you can go on. But, be wary of wide angle shots and any image with a filter on it. We’re not saying wide angle shots are bad, but they can make a space seem larger and in the process make it stand out.

It’s helpful for any artist if you can pick something out of their own work that you happen to like. Creating a Pinterest board of your dream interior is also a great idea because it serves like a moodboard for the interior decorator you end up hiring.

Get techy

If you’re having trouble finding the right interior decorator, you can always try an app like eDecorate. It’s like a matchmaking service for people looking for a decorator. You post your project and budget and then a network of local decorators can review and get in touch if they think they would be a good fit.

Ask about vendors

If your project is slightly bigger and requires structural changes to your home, you’re likely working with an interior designer as opposed to a decorator. If this is the case, ask the designer about their vendors so you can do your own research to see if they are certified and top quality!

Kitchen by interior decorator

Know what you’re paying for

According to Home Advisor, the typical price range of an interior decorator is $1,800 to $10,000, depending on the size of the project. If you’re only looking to spend a few hundred bucks, then you better ask around to see if you have any friends that have been dabbling in home decor.

When it comes to how much you’re spending, you set your budget for furniture and accessories, but then there’s the decorator’s fee. Make sure you understand how this is being charged (hourly, flat rate, per room, etc.).

Be mindful of your home as a whole

Is your living room the main focus of your decor update? Think about how your amazing looking room is going to look compared to the rest of your home. It could look odd if your living room is bright and contemporary and your kitchen is straight out of the late ‘80s. If possible, spread out your budget to an entire floor. For example, your main floor with kitchen, living room, and bathroom can have a consistent look, then maybe the bedrooms on your uppe floor can be handled by the individuals to which they belong.

Don’t forget to get personal

The interior decorator you hire will probably know nothing about you, so share your interests and the interests of other members of your family. If you have decor pieces and personal mementos that need to be incorporated into the new design, make sure the decorator knows right away so it doesn’t seem like an add-on later in the process.

We hope you go into spring with a clear vision and a better idea of how to hire the right interior decorator!

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