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Things to remember when closing your pool

By Newinhomes on Sep 18, 2018

We’ve had a few hot days this September, but this month is usually the time of year when households close up their pools. It’s sad, we know, but it has to be done! If you wait too long, your pool could get damaged by the approaching cool weather. We have a few tips to ensure you don’t forget anything while closing your pool.

Turn off the heat

Your heater has worked hard all summer, it’s time to let it rest through the winter. If you have a gas heater, make sure the valve is turned to off. You can also disconnect the source of power because you likely won’t need the heater for another eight months or so. Even when appliances are off, they can still suck power from your home if plugged in.

Remove the ladder

In order for some pool covers to be installed, the ladder needs to be removed. Also, freezing temperatures can damage the ladder and pool liner if left in the pool. When you remove the ladder, make sure it’s stored safely. If there’s plastic on your ladder, you may want to store it inside your home to avoid any cracking in the fluctuating temperatures.

Balance the water

About a week before closing the pool, balance the chemicals and ensure there is no visible algae. You’ll have to do this again when you open the pool next summer, but it’s best practice to close your pool with clean balanced water. Yes, that means you should also vacuum the pool and skim the surface of any fallen leaves, dirt, and insects.

There are also pool closing kits with all the chemicals you need to add before putting the cover on. Wherever you get your water tested, ask them about the kits!

Closing your pool

Drain some water

If you don’t have a plug for your skimmer, drain your pool to just below the skimmers. And make sure you remove the plastic skimmer baskets because they will crack in the winter. How much you lower your water level will depend on the type of cover you have. If you’re unsure about the safety measures to take, ask your local pool experts!

Check your pump and filter

Ensure all parts are operating and there are no cracks or leaks. The filter should be cleaned, you can do so with a hose. There will be some staining, so don’t worry about making it shine. You also have to drain all the water from your pipes because you definitely don’t want standing water near your house, and pipes can be damaged if the water turns to ice.

Inspect your cover

So, your pool is as clean as possible and it’s time to put the cover on. Make sure there are no tears or other sorts of damage on the cover. It’s possible your cover got dirty while in storage, so make sure it’s also as clean as possible before installing.

This is just a general overview of the steps involved in closing your pool. If you’re unsure about any part of the process, consult a professional service! You’ll want to get in touch as soon as possible because they’ll be busy this time of year.


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