Tips for entertaining in a small space this holiday season! Image

Tips for entertaining in a small space this holiday season!

By Newinhomes on Dec 16, 2019

Every year, more and more people in the Greater Toronto Area call an apartment home, whether it’s a rental or a condo unit. The thing about these spaces is that they can be on the smaller side compared to a single-family home. This can impact how you entertain over the holidays! 

If you live in a small space, but still want to entertain this holiday season, make sure you keep these things in mind:

Play with food heights

You can make better use of your countertops and table surfaces if you use plating with different levels, like tiered platters or fruit baskets. Instead of placing three different plates for the veggies and dip, use a two-tiered platter to make the most of your surface space. 

Rearrange furniture 

The way your furniture is set up right now works for you, but what about eight other people at the same time? Don’t be afraid to move things around, push chairs and couches to the wall, bring in extra folding chairs, and make sure that whichever table with all the food is easily accessible by everyone at all times. 

Label drinks

In a small space, it’s easy for someone to place their drink down and then have someone else pick it up by accident. There are a couple ways you can avoid this mishap. You can either have distinct party cups for everyone to use so that they remember which one is theirs, or you can create labels for all your guests! 

Decorate the perimeter

If you want your party to have a festive feel, you should decorate the walls and the ceiling. You don’t want to bring anything extra into your space that will take up space where a person can be socializing and enjoying themselves. No giant reindeer or inflatable Santas. 

Be conscious of the temperature

It’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean people want it to be a sauna inside your place. A small space can heat up pretty quickly when it gets crowded. Be prepared to turn off the heat, but still have the air flowing. If it’s a mild night, consider turning off the air and opening a window or the screen door. 

We hope these tips help you throw a fun holiday party in your small space! Of course, if you just don’t want to deal with your limited square footage, you can always rent out the party room in your condo (if you have one). If you are going to do this, you should look into available dates right now because it probably books up pretty quickly at this time of year. 

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