Tips for holiday hosting in a condo party room Image

Tips for holiday hosting in a condo party room

By Lucas DeClavasio on Nov 30, 2017

It’s that time of year – you’re likely making plans with your family and friends, or trying to figure out whose turn it is to host this year’s holiday party or dinner.   

If you live in a condo, you may feel like you don’t have the space to have everyone over, and for some reason, you’ve forgotten about that large purpose-built party room on your amenities floor! Not enough people take advantage of these spaces that can essentially be treated as an extension of your own suite.  

One developer that always designs amazing condo party rooms and often also offers private dining areas in the amenity mix is Pemberton Group. They understand entertaining can be an integral part of your social life, and using an onsite party room opens up possibilities for how you enjoy your own home. Every single party room and dining room rendering in this post is a stunning Pemberton amenity space!  

Here are four tips:

1) Book the party room early

Hosting a holiday event in a condo party room

For this year, it may already be too late to book. Depending on the size of your condo building, there are likely hundreds of other people living there. Someone else may have had the same bright idea. If you’ve missed your chance, see if the room is available for December 31st and turn your party into a New Year’s celebration. If both dates are taken, maybe plan ahead and think about what special occasions you’d like to book for next year.

2) Take advantage of the catering kitchen

Hosting a holiday event in a condo party room

Whether you’re planning to cook or hiring a catering company, see if you can make use of the kitchen located in the party room or adjacent to the dining room. It may be easier than bringing all the prepared food in yourself and the caterers will appreciate this handy amenity. If you’re lucky, your condo has a spacious private dining area for large groups like the one Pemberton has at Social at Church + Dundas.

3) Keep costs in mind

Hosting a holiday event in a condo party room

We understand you pay monthly maintenance fees, but some condo management companies or your corporation’s bylaws may require an additional fee for space rental, and some charge you based on the number of people you’re hosting. The justification here is that depending on the anticipated guest count, they’ll need to have at least one security staff on hand.

4) Be a good neighbour

Hosting a holiday event in a condo party room

Holiday parties can have a tendency to get out a bit rowdy, but if anything gets damaged, it’s coming out of your deposit! Remember, these spaces are considered Common Elements, so you don’t own the furnishings or accessories or the other infrastructure itself.

Also, you have neighbours. Some condo buildings have amenity-only floors, but some amenity floors have residential units on them. Be a good neighbour and don’t disturb the peace.

We hope these condo party room tips help you with your holiday plans this year!  

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