TMA Low-Rise Sales Exceed Trimart Annual Forecast Image

TMA Low-Rise Sales Exceed Trimart Annual Forecast

By Lucas on Dec 22, 2014

As of November, the Total Market Area’s (TMA) new low-rise market has already achieved 107% of Trimart’s annual forecast. According to Trimart, there were 1,423 sales in November, and the inventory level has stayed steady around the 12,000 level. Obviously, 2014 has shaped up to be a pretty decent year for the new low-rise market from a sales perspective (even with average prices hitting record highs). we’ll have to wait until the New Year for Trimart’s full 2014 analysis.

Listed below are a few notable low-rise sites of the last month:

mattamy homes bild The Preserve - via Mattamy Homes

Placing first on this week’s Trimart report is Mattamy Homes, who recently broke the news that they will be acquiring Monarch Corporation in the new year. The selling price is expected to be around $330 million. Mattamy is topping the Trimart report because their community The Preserve had 42 sales last month. Located in Oakville, The Preserve features Village homes and 34’, 38’, 45’, and 50’ detached homes. This development up on Dundas is just the beginning for Oakville’s northern neighbourhoods. Prices at The Preserve start at $398,990 and reach to just over $1 million.

Trafalgar Landing - via Great Gulf Trafalgar Landing - via Great Gulf

Coming in second with 34 sales last month is another Oakville community, Trafalgar Landing by Great Gulf Homes. Trafalgar Landing features a wide selection of beautiful townhomes, ranging from 1,705 to 2,015 square feet, with prices starting as low as $449,990. There were so many popular communities in Oakville this year, it’s surprising that it wasn’t one of the top selling cities. With many communities in the works, we expect to see Oakville topping lists next year.

new homes caledon Southfields - via Monarch

The third spot is taken by Village of Southfields, Monarch’s Caledon community. There were 15 sales at Southfields last month. The community features a collection of traditional townhomes and a selection of 43’ detached homes, ranging from 1,630 to 3,971 square feet. As mentioned above, Mattamy will be purchasing Monarch; the deal will officially close in the first quarter of 2015. Monarch is a frequent feature on the Trimart list, so we guess we’ll be seeing even more of Mattamy on the weekly reports. Prices at Village of Southfields start at $397,990.

Gates of Nobleton - via Tribute Gates of Nobleton - via Tribute

Coming in fourth with 11 sales last month is Gates of Nobleton by Tribute Communities. Located in Nobleton, the community is adding a touch of luxury to the neighbourhood with 50’, 60’ and 70’ detached homes, which range from 2,450 to 5,398 square feet. Prices start at $889,990 and reach well over $1 million.

Impressions - via Fieldgate Homes Impressions - via Fieldgate Homes

Only one sale behind is Impressions by Fieldgate Homes in the fifth position. Impressions is located in Kleinburg and features a wide spectrum of home types, including rear-lane townhomes, lane semi-detached homes on 28’ lots, and 28’, 30’, 38’, and 44’ detached homes. The homes range from 1,688 to 3,479 square feet and prices start at $519,990. Ever since Fieldgate opened their new model home a few months ago, sales have been steady!

ALIVE - via Reid's Heritage Homes ALIVE - via Reid's Heritage Homes

The final spot on this week’s Trimart report is taken by ALIVE at Pergola by Reid’s Heritage Homes. Located in Guelph, the community offers quality townhomes, ranging from 1,276 to 1,972 square feet. Prices start at $349,990 and only a few homes remain!

All information courtesy Trimart Research Corporation.

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