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A New “UNretirement” Resort in Richmond Hill

By Lucas on Aug 23, 2013

Recently, Spring Resorts Universal Inc. launched “Richmond Springs Retirement Resort,” an adult 50+ community in Richmond Hill with an interesting concept.

About Richmond Springs

According to a recent press release, Richmond Springs is an “UNretirement” resort with a focus on “health, happiness, active living, community belonging, intellectual sharing, creativity and financial and professional empowerment.”

The idea is, retired folk want to continue to live social lives, full of excitement and goals for the future. Spring Resorts plans on creating a resort-style environment at the site of 1000 Elgin Mills Road East. Richmond Springs will feature a wide array of residences, shops within an indoor mall with enclosed streets, a fitness club, and a hydroponic, organic, greenhouse for year-round gardening.

There will also be many facilities for activities, including seven baseball diamonds, two soccer fields, two hockey arenas, and an indoor soccer field that will also be used for lawn bowling.

richmond springs rendering

Financial empowerment at Richmond Springs

One of the most interesting aspects of Richmond Springs is how the residents will feel a sense of financial empowerment. The residents at Richmond Springs will own the units through equity participation (life leases), and according to the release, the resort offers better returns than most bank programs.

Another financial benefit at Richmond Springs that really stands out is, “Residents can save $1,000/month over traditional condominium living, while taking advantage of numerous on-site job opportunities, establishing shops in the indoor mall, taking on a first come, first served basis of jobs throughout the resort, or opening home-based businesses.”

Spring Resorts is creating a community where people can retire, but basically start a whole new life - it’s a pretty amazing idea, if you ask us.

richmond springs kitchen

The suites at Richmond Springs

The suites at Richmond Springs range in size from 385 to 1,407 square feet, and we don’t even think you’re ready to hear about the price range; $120,000 to over $400,000. We wonder if they would make an exception for a few people under 50...

Spring Resorts is currently accepting registrations for Richmond Springs Retirement Resort. If you’re on the verge of retiring, but not quite ready to just sit back and become best friends with a lawn chair in Florida, then we recommend you register today.

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