Using wood accents to warm up your living space Image

Using wood accents to warm up your living space

By Jo-Ann Capelaci on Dec 08, 2017

Temperatures are starting to stay below zero! The winter months can often leave your living space feeling equally as cold. Heavier blankets is the obvious solution, but you can also warm things up with wood accents.

Wood adds a natural feeling of warmth. Utilizing wood in your home decor is not only a sustainable and renewable choice, it is also an effective way to bring comfort to any room!

Here are five ways to use the beauty and warmth of wood in your home:

1) Accessorize!

Warm up your living space with wood accessories

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Group together an arrangement of different sized wood vases for a put-together look that carries a large impact. Or try arranging a few stained wooden vases on your mantle, coffee table or bookshelf. The unity of various wood elements exudes calmness.

Tip: Accessorizing big is usually better and groups of three or five are a general rule.

2) Get a wood accent chair or side table

Warm up your living space with a wood accent chair


Add a statement piece that’s also functional! I love a clean-lined wooden accent chair or side table. Watch the mood of your space transform by combining a few clean lined wood furniture pieces. Consider wooden chairs with different design styles that will deliver comfort and design savvy.

Tip: Add in the unexpected as the perfect fit for your personality.

3) Resurface your kitchen island or peninsula

Warm up your living space with wood surfaces


To create a sense of warmth in your kitchen, resurface your kitchen island or peninsula with a butcher’s block style slab. If a countertop change is too big of a project, you can add wood to the sides! Choose a wood species that coordinates with the other wood in your home. Pay attention to what wood grain looks best with your kitchen style, whether it is country, traditional or ultra-modern.

Tip: Purchase wood stools of the same species to blend.

4) Get a wood-framed mirror

Warm up your living space with a wood mirror


When deciding on a wood accent piece for your room, remember a large-scale mirror will open up the space. Choosing a large wood frame will warm up the room and be functional. By reflecting light, mirrors help create the appearance of larger, brighter spaces.

Tip: Pay attention to what your mirror is reflecting when deciding on a location.

5) Make a headboard

Geranium – Uptownes at Cardinal Point

Geranium – Uptownes at Cardinal Point

Do you like DIY projects? I installed the headboard pictured above for a Geranium Homes model in just a couple of hours. It was simple using a peel and stick wood veneer by Stikwood. The rustic chic design theme creates a tranquil and organic feel. This custom look will be sure to make any room feel like home.

Tip: Install the boards vertically to draw your eye up to elongate the height of your ceilings.

Wood is a warm and natural element that when mixed in effectively will create a space that is comfortable and welcoming. We have even more inspiration and ideas on our Pinterest board!

Jo-Ann Capelaci is president and principal interior designer of Colours & Concepts Inc. The award winning company specializes in model homes and colour and upgrade selections for builders. They have been helping new home buyers choose finishes for their homes for over 20 years. Jo-Ann is dedicated to helping new home buyers create a model home feeling in their new home. Look for future articles on other topics to assist in decorating and designing your new home.

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