VIDEO: Maintaining Your New Home with Tips from Tarion Image

VIDEO: Maintaining Your New Home with Tips from Tarion

By Lucas on Nov 14, 2013

As a new homeowner you might be unsure of what maintenance procedures you need to conduct and when. Not to worry! This Tarion educational video will guide you through each season discussing the importance of home maintenance, providing valuable tips and demonstrating several maintenance tasks. In following these recommendations, you’ll help ensure that your home is in optimal shape for the long run and that your statutory warranty rights are protected – remember, proper maintenance is a prerequisite for certain warranty claims!

This video will help you understand how to control moisture in your home through easy maintenance tasks inside and outside your home. By using a hydrometer you can monitor moisture levels keeping them between 30-45% during the winter and not exceeding 60% in the summer. Neglecting to do so could result in condensation on windows or window sills, causing damage to wood and surrounding walls. Low humidity levels can also damage your interior finishes and even cause health issues to you or your family members, so it’s crucial to stay on top of the moisture level in your home!

Outdoor recommendations include: keeping pipes and fixtures in good repair ensuring that any leaks are cleaned up as soon as possible. Landscaping and flower beds should be kept at least 150 mm from the top of the foundation, and grading of ground slopes should face away from the building.

For the inside of your home, you will learn the importance of regular maintenance tasks like checking your ventilation systems and turning vents on during showers or while cooking. In terms of your furnace, always remember to clean or replace old filters and don’t forget to check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

It’s always a good idea to double check with your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for all materials and systems in the home and discuss on-going maintenance with your builder.

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