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VIDEO: Major Structural Defects in Your Home

By Lucas on Apr 16, 2014

Tarion Warranty Corporation provides new homeowners with protection against major structural defects, but what qualifies? This informative video will help you understand Tarion’s Major Structural Defect policy, covering where to find details, how to gain more information or seek answers to your inquiries.

Major structural defects are covered under the Seven Year Warranty, which begins on the day you take possession and ends the day before the seventh anniversary of that date. Tarion defines a major structural defect as something that seriously threatens the structural integrity of the home, or affects the use of a significant part of it.

Some examples of major structural defects include major cracks that are larger than six millimeters in width and show signs of movement; horizontally or vertically. If your home’s foundation is shifting, you are also covered under Tarion’s major structural defect policy. Another example is if your home has undergone significant damage due to soil movement, or if there is a failure or complete collapse of a structural component of your home.

It is important to know that water damage is not considered major structural damage and is therefore, not covered under this policy. Also not covered are any issues that have not been resolved by the builder under the first or second year of warranty.

Tarion’s educational video helps you learn more about the Major Structural Defect policy.

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