VIDEO: Nail Pops and Your New Home Warranty Image

VIDEO: Nail Pops and Your New Home Warranty

By Lucas on Dec 02, 2013

If you’ve ever purchased a new home you may already be familiar with these pesky little guys! If you’ve never seen one before this is what it’s all about:

About a year after purchasing your new home, it’s possible that the heads of some nails may start to ‘pop’ through your drywall. Oh no! So you head to Section 9.6 in Tarion’s construction performance guidelines only to find out that nail pops are typically NOT covered under your warranty.

But don't worry, watch this two minute educational video to find out why they happen and how you can quickly fix them yourself!

The reason nail pops aren’t generally covered under your warranty is because they are the result of normal settling and/or shrinkage of materials. As you’ll learn in the video, nail pops occur as the materials used to build your home begin to dry. Lumber in particular, contains a lot of moisture and dries out slowly throughout the first year after construction. As it dries the wood shrinks, potentially causing framing members to warp, bow or twist out of shape. As a result, the head of a drywall fastener may rise out or shrink further into the drywall. This causes the popping of the drywall compound from the surface.

This video offers you an informative tutorial to help you restore your drywall to its immaculate self in just three easy steps!

*Spoiler alert*

Step 1: Recess the fastener

Step 2: Apply compound

Step 3: Sand and paint

If you notice an excessive amount of nail pops, don’t hesitate to contact your home builder or Tarion for advice. Although builders are not obligated to repair them, they are often willing to do so.

Don’t forget, nail pops are common in new homes and do not necessarily indicate structural problems! You can also hire a contractor to fix these if you’re not confident in your own handy-work.

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