Wesley Tower amenities designed with the future in mind Image

Wesley Tower amenities designed with the future in mind

By Lucas on Jul 21, 2017

We just received new details about the amenities at Wesley Tower in Mississauga, and as usual, Daniels has exceeded expectations!

The 43-storey condo, designed by Rafael & Bigauskas Architects, will rise at Confederation Parkway and City Centre Drive in the 23-acre master-planned community, Daniels City Centre. Working with Figure3 Interiors, Daniels has designed a collection of amenities that caters to individuals, couples, families, and empty nesters.

In today’s professional atmosphere, it’s common for people to be doing more work from home. To satisfy this need for efficient, well-designed workspace, Wesley Tower will feature a stunning coworking area. The space will have an open-concept area and private niches, so it’s ideal for collaborating and private meetings.

Wesley Tower amenities in Mississauga by Daniels

Instead of taking cues from a traditional workspace, Figure3 approached the space more like it was a coffee shop, since that’s where so many people go to work anyway! There will be desks, tables, sofas, and bench-style seating, making for a comfortable work environment no matter what kind of work you need to get done.  

The future of condo living also has more families, which means more children. Daniels has planned for this as well. Consulting with parents, indoor and outdoor children’s areas have been designed; they’ll be colourful and feature climbing structures, interactive spaces, and comfortable seating.

Daniels is working on a family engagement program which aims to bring families together, promoting a sense of community within the residence. This is an interesting concept and we can’t wait to hear more about it. To our knowledge, Daniels is the only developer working on something like this.

Wesley Tower amenities in Mississauga by Daniels

If you live an active lifestyle or you want to start, then you’ll appreciate the gym at Wesley Tower, which accommodates people of all ages. There will be cardio equipment, weights, climbing areas, a yoga studio, stretching areas, and a multi-purpose court.

Like all of Daniels’ condos, there will be an extensive outdoor terrace, featuring a yoga area, barbecues, a lounge, and gardening plots. Daniels is actually working with Ontario farmers and urban agriculture specialists to help the residents of Wesley Tower form a gardening committee. This is a great way to meet neighbours and put your green thumb to the test!

In addition to all the building amenities, Wesley Tower will be surrounded by Mississauga hot spots, such as Square One Shopping Centre, the YMCA, and the Mississauga Living Arts Centre.

Join the Wesley Tower Inner Circle!

Wesley Tower in Mississauga by Daniels

In order to receive an invite to the first sales event before the general public and get access to the widest selection of suites, prices, and views, you have to join the Wesley Tower Inner Circle. There is a $300 registration fee, which is applied to the unit you purchase or fully refunded if you don’t end up buying. There’s nothing to lose!

There are one- to three-bedroom units available with prices from the mid $200,000s. At that price point, you can bet that first-time buyers will be interested in Wesley Tower. They’ll be even more interested once they hear about Daniels 10% Deposit Program for first-time buyers.

Qualified first-time buyers can purchase with just $5,000 upon signing the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, then in 30 days, you top up to 5%. At the 120-day mark, Daniels’ Gradual Deposit Plan kicks in, so you’ll be paying $1,000 a month until you’ve paid another 5% or until occupancy (if the time of occupancy arrives before hitting the 5%, you pay whatever is owing at that time).  

Wesley Tower is launching soon to satisfy the strong demand for condo living in downtown Mississauga. Join the Inner Circle today to stay in the loop!

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