WestBeach Condominiums officially under construction! Image

WestBeach Condominiums officially under construction!

By Newinhomes on Mar 27, 2018

We recently had the pleasure of joining the Marlin Spring team at Queen and Coxwell in Toronto for the WestBeach Condominiums official groundbreaking ceremony!

Where there was once an old KFC will soon be a stunning boutique condo, just a short walk from Ashbridges Bay and the shores of Lake Ontario.  

“When you take a step back and you look at the neighbourhood, we saw that we’re right next to Ashbridges Bay, we saw that we’re on the transit line, we saw that there’s a cinema right here, we saw there’s also an LCBO right here, we saw that you can walk directly to the park,” said Zev Mandelbaum, COO Marlin Spring to the crowd.

Zev Mandelbaum, COO Marlin Spring

Zev Mandelbaum, COO Marlin Spring

“When you zoomed out, it kind of looked like we were in Florida,” he added. “We’re right by the beach, we’re right by the parks, there was great retail, the entire Beach neighbourhood was right there at Woodbine, and we thought, what makes this neighbourhood start at Woodbine? Maybe The Beach really starts over here.”

Hence the name, WestBeach. And it’s true, if you walk down Coxwell, it’ll bring you directly to the westernmost part of Woodbine Beach.

“I love the idea of WestBeach, I think that’s incredible,” said Arthur Potts, MPP Beaches – East York. “My riding is Beaches – East York. You may know there was a referendum that they decided to call the area The Beach and sort of got rid of the multiple beaches, but you know, we got Woodbine Beach, maybe WestBeach is the way to go.”

Zev Mandelbaum, COO Marlin Spring and MPP Arthur Potts

Zev Mandelbaum, COO Marlin Spring and MPP Arthur Potts

We also got to hear from Marlin Spring’s marketing consultant, Linda Mitchell Young. With her experience in the industry, she touched on everything at WestBeach from design of the suites to sales and marketing.

“I’ve been in the industry for a number of years and been fortunate to be involved and participating in over 60 condo buildings in the city,” Young said. “I was really, really excited to join the Marlin Spring team, they’re a very passionate, energetic, bright, smart team, and you know, they get it – they’re really seeing some of these neighbourhoods that are really starting to gentrify.”

Marlin Spring’s marketing consultant, Linda Mitchell Young

Marlin Spring’s marketing consultant, Linda Mitchell Young

When it comes to this Queen East neighbourhood, Marlin Spring is definitely one of the condo developers leading the charge. Marlin Spring has a knack for identifying up-and-coming areas – you’ll also find one of their other boutique condo developments currently under construction in The Danforth area.

“At six storeys, the building here will certainly blend in and complement this neighbourhood,” added Young. “We all know of The Beach and it’s been a sought after location, well prices have really escalated…it’s just a couple blocks away, so you’re close to everything and have everything you need in a new neighbourhood.”

WestBeach Condominiums in Toronto by Marlin Spring

One of the intriguing things about WestBeach is the number of unique floor plans. In a typical high-rise, you may find 12 to 15 floor plans and hundreds of units. At WestBeach, there are 89 units and 68 different floor plans!

The floor plans were designed with end-users in mind, so Marlin Spring is bringing a neighbourly, family vibe to the Queen and Coxwell area.

“The number of condos that are still on the market, the demand we still have in our city – I mean, people love Toronto, we’re starting to see a lot of people that can’t afford single-family ground-oriented homes coming to condos,” Young explained. “They love the smaller boutique buildings, not everyone likes high-rises…condos have really evolved over the years.”

Visit WestBeach Condominiums today!

WestBeach Condominiums in Toronto by Marlin Spring

There are a few final units still available, but WestBeach is nearly sold out, so you have to visit the presentation centre as soon as possible to learn more about the remaining floor plans!

Now that WestBeach is under construction, Marlin Spring moved the presentation centre down the street to 385 Madison Ave. It’s open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. 


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