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What to do and what to look for during your PDI

By Newinhomes on Jun 28, 2018

If you’ve purchased a new construction home before, then you’ve likely participated in a pre-delivery inspection. If you’re a first-time buyer about to schedule your PDI, then you need a quick rundown on what to do and what to look for.

For new construction homes, builders are required to give you a PDI. This is the first time you’re seeing your new home. There is usually a representative from the builder present to walk you through your home and show you how the home systems work (ventilation, plumbing, appliances, etc.).

This process can be overwhelming because this is the time for you to flag anything that is damaged, incomplete, missing, or incorrect. It’s important to note all these items during your PDI because the builder will hopefully correct them before you move in, plus if they’re flagged during the PDI, it proves you weren’t the one that caused the damage.

NOTE: It’s not uncommon for repairs to continue or take place after you’ve moved in, depending on the work required.

Here are a few things to focus on and some tips to ensure your PDI is thorough and precise.

What to look for during your PDI

Check for your upgrades

During the features and finishes selection process, there’s a chance you purchased upgrades. If you did, now’s the time to check for them. For example, if you upgraded your doors, make sure they’re the ones you selected. If you have a record of all your selections (tile, flooring, cabinetry, etc.), then double check these too.

Don’t forget the exterior

If you’re moving into a new condo building, skip down to the next tip! Around the exterior of your home, check your cladding for damage, look at the window caulking, and make sure the grading is sloping away from your home.

Understand your tile

If you have natural stone tile in areas like your bathroom and kitchen, then keep in mind that some types of stone have natural imperfections. If there’s a vein in your marble countertop that you don’t like, the builder can’t fix this for you. You should still check for cracks and chips, loose tiles, and any other damage.

Use things

It’s your home, so start pushing buttons and flicking switches. Some errors aren’t visible or noticeable until you go to use something. Flush toilets, turn on lights, use appliances, run the water in your sinks, tub, and shower, and turn on your air conditioning and heat. If something’s not hooked up right, you’ll be glad you caught it before you moved in.

For more information, check out Tarion’s checklist, which you can print off and bring to your PDI!


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