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What’s love got to do with it?

By Newinhomes on Feb 01, 2018

Tina Turner didn’t think love had anything to do with it, but when it comes to your home, there’s gotta be some.

Last year, we dedicated February to special features all about love and living together. We had some great contributions and the content seemed to resonate with a lot of people, so we’re bringing it back for 2018!

We’ll be hearing from the usual suspects, including interior designer Jo-Ann Capelaci, Canada’s gardening guru Mark Cullen, and everyone’s favourite millennial mind, Sumiko Wilson. Plus, we’ll have many other features, potentially by some new guest writers!

Jo-Ann will focus on how to bring more love into your home via decor and design. Mark will obviously focus on the outdoors, and Sumiko will be digging into the nitty gritty, tackling the tough stuff, like what happens after love and the unavoidable challenges of living together.

Love your home

Don’t worry, some of our tips will apply to families and we know how single people can get around Valentine’s Day, so we won’t forget them either. We’ll even be looking into how single people need to go through so much more in order to save for a new home!

Love doesn’t only extend to other people. You can love your home, your neighbourhood, your furniture, your decor, your kitchen, your bedroom, etc. We will also take the opportunity to dive into what people love most about their homes.

Of course, the Newinhomes.com Blog will continue to be your number one resource for information about new home and condo developments, homebuyer tips, and first-time buyer advice. There will just be a little bit more love peppered in.

We’re looking forward to sharing our special features with you and bringing a little love into your lives this month!  


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