Which home decor style works best for you? Image

Which home decor style works best for you?

By Jo-Ann Capelaci on Jun 08, 2018

Are you moving into a new home? Have you purchased a previously loved home, or simply want to give your existing home a face lift? When first interviewing clients, some tell me they are conflicted about where to begin and wonder what design style to choose.

One important clue is the exterior style of the home. For example, if your home has a traditional exterior, add traditional elements into your design style.

Read on to delve into design styles and discover which one speaks to you.


Coastal home decor

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The coastal style is inspired by the ocean. Light colours and subtle hues of blues and aqua help create a calm oasis. This style is accentuated by the use of flowing window treatments in light and airy fabrics to emphasis every bit of breeze that blows through your space. Adding nautical decor through accent pieces and sisal type area rugs will complete your coastal style room.

Mid-century modern

Mid-century home decor

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Mid-century modern was brought to life in the ‘50s and ‘60s through Scandinavian architects who focused on simplicity and natural elements in pieces of furniture. Mid-century modern design is synonymous with minimalism and functionalism. Furniture can be seen with rich woods, mixed with low profiles. Accents of streamlined glass and a few pops of rich colour tie together a great representation of mid-century modern design.

Art deco

Art deco home decor

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Do you love The Great Gatsby and the roaring ‘20s? If so, include design elements with art deco influence. This style is directly associated with geometric design and the use of rounded and metal accents. Bold colours, clear lines and immense detail have moulded the art deco style. This design associates itself with glamour and luxury. When choosing an art deco design style, combine mirrored accent pieces and the use of chrome in hardware and lighting choices.


Contemporary home decor

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Contemporary design incorporates sleek lines and a neutral colour palette. Furniture is often at a lower profile, sitting closer to the ground, with uncomplicated metal frames. The emphasis is in the simplicity of the design. Consider beginning your contemporary design with a large-scale piece of artwork as the focal point in the room. Unlike modern design, contemporary design favours rounded edges with softer finishes.

Modern farmhouse

Modern farmhouse home decor

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Modern farmhouse style has gained popularity partly due to “HGTV’s Fixer Upper” television show. This style, which is based on comfort and ease, lends itself to neutral palettes, reclaimed wood, multiple textures and often incorporates shiplap. Feel free to add in mixed metals and salvaged pieces to complete your look. The direction should feel organic. Add in large-scale accessories to bring your modern farmhouse design style to life.


Traditional home decor

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Traditional design style reflects 18th century English and neoclassical tones. Furniture can be seen with more classic styling and adorned with striped or floral patterns. Colour palettes are normally muted and the style includes a mixture of classic and casual design elements.

A traditional space is both elegant and inviting. It focuses on balance. My preference is “new” traditional look for today’s home! New traditional uses cleaner lines, combining some contemporary, straight lines and feels less formal.

Design styles and time periods can be mixed to create an interesting look known as eclectic. Eclectic design mixes the old and new with interesting texture and colour. When we mix styles effectively it creates interiors that tell a story and feel appealing. This avoids boring interiors with a look that has been plucked out of a furniture showroom. For more insight and examples of design styles visit our Pinterest board.

Jo-Ann Capelaci is president and principal interior designer of Colours & Concepts Inc. The award-winning company specializes in model homes and colour and upgrade selections for builders. They have been helping new home buyers choose finishes for their homes for over 20 years. Jo-Ann is dedicated to helping new home buyers create a model home feeling in their new home. Look for future articles on other topics to assist in decorating and designing your new home.


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