Whitby Meadows draws huge crowd on opening weekend! Image

Whitby Meadows draws huge crowd on opening weekend!

By Lucas on Oct 31, 2017

  1. The weekend that everyone was waiting for has come and gone - we’re not talking about the early Halloween parties. Arista Homes, DECO Homes, Fieldgate Homes, OPUS Homes, and Paradise Developments opened at Whitby Meadows!

This opening was a big deal because with five builders involved, it was the largest new home selection in Whitby’s history.

With so many interesting home renderings and exciting news about Durham Region being the next hot spot for real estate investment, we took the short drive out to Whitby on Saturday morning to check out the opening.

Whitby Meadows in the Fieldgate Homes sales office

Saturday was for appointment holders only. Earlier that week, the builders emailed an online scheduler to all the registrants so everyone could book their purchaser appointments. The first appointment started at 10 am, and despite the booked times, people still arrived early.

There was a big white tent set up to protect the prospective purchasers from the rain. Inside the tent, refreshments and snacks were served, and there was also a table with mortgage specialists on hand to answer any questions about pre-approvals and the new mortgage regulations.   

Overall, the builders did a great job grouping their appointments in order to create a comfortable and spacious environment inside the sales offices.

Whitby Meadows by Arista, DECO, Fieldgate, OPUS, and Paradise

While the tent was crowded and had a certain sense of urgency, the sales offices were calm and collected. People browsed the available lots and elevations and when they were ready to make a decision, a sales representative was there to help.

It only took about 10 minutes for the first buyers to make a decision! While we were scoping out the Fieldgate sales office, we overhead that five police officers and their families all booked appointments together so they could purchase townhomes in the same neighbourhood.

Whitby Meadows in the OPUS Homes sales office

It’s always nice to have a few police officers on your street! It gives the community some peace of mind and it’s a sign of a tight knit, family-oriented atmosphere.

After a long successful day of appointments, the builders closed up and prepared for Sunday, when they opened up to the public! Once again, crowds showed up and it looked like there were a few sales.

Visit Whitby Meadows now!  

Whitby Meadows in the OPUS Homes sales office

Whitby Meadows will be open until Thursday this week and over the weekend. There are likely only a few lots available with each builder, so you should visit as soon as possible.

The sales office is located at Taunton Rd. West and Coronation Rd., and is open Monday to Thursday from 1 pm to 8 pm and from 11 am to 6 pm on the weekend.

Don’t miss this opportunity to live in one of the GTA’s most promising up and coming communities!  

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