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Why summer is the perfect time for a major kitchen renovation

By Newinhomes on Jun 21, 2018

If you’ve been staring at your outdated kitchen with bland laminate countertops, worn out appliances, and crooked cabinetry, then now’s the time to consider a major kitchen renovation.

If it’s in the budget and you’ve been planning, getting the work done in the summer makes sense for so many reasons.

Here are five reasons you should start your major kitchen renovation this month:


The kids are out of school and it’s the perfect time to go on vacation. If you have a contractor you can trust or a friend or neighbour to lock up for you after the workers leave, then you can go away on vacation while the bulk of the work is being done.

Since the weather is so nice, you don’t have to go far. Just keep in mind you will still need to be reachable in case there are any issues or questions.


If you’re gutting your kitchen, cooking can be a challenge, and you shouldn’t be getting takeout for every single meal. Fortunately, summer is also barbecue season, so you can prepare most of your meals outdoors. We also recommend getting a cooler to store some food so you don’t have to keep going in and out of the kitchen while work is underway.

Open doors  

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With workers moving in and out of your home, carrying equipment and materials, your doors will be open for a significant amount of time. There could also be dust and dirt floating around from all the activity, so you may want to keep your windows and doors open. Again, the summer weather makes this all okay. You couldn’t keep your doors open during a kitchen renovation in the winter.

Easy travel

Ask anyone who’s taken on a big home renovation project where they were involved in some of the work and they’ll tell you they made countless trips to The Home Depot, IKEA, and other home hardware and furniture stores. The good weather makes this process slightly more bearable. Imagine brushing snow off your car or making these trips in the pouring rain, day after day.

Longer days

Even though the work is being done inside your home where there are lights, the sun is key. Think about when you’re at work in the winter and it’s dark at 4pm. You feel more tired. Now think about today when it’s 5pm and it’s still sunny, you probably feel a bit better and more energized. The sun can set as late as 9pm during the summer, so there’s plenty of energizing daylight to keep you and/or your workers motivated. 

We hope these tips have convinced you that now is the time to kick off your major kitchen renovation!

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