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Why you should buy a new condo this winter

By Sumiko Wilson on Nov 20, 2017

There are countless benefits to condo life but some are especially evident in the winter.

As it begins to get colder and we start to anticipate the above-average snowfall in coming months, many homeowners across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) are gearing up for an influx of tedious winter tasks.

Condo owners, however, will be exempt from most of these chores.

The 2016 Census found that there are almost 2 million condo dwellers across Canada. As winter gets closer and closer, sky-high living will look even more ideal, especially now that condo guidelines are making buildings more family-friendly.

Winter is my least favourite season for many reasons but I especially hate the inconveniences that come with living in a house. I contemplate the ease of condo life every time I have to get up before sunrise to shovel the driveway. And it’s never just the driveway.

For many homeowners, it’s also essential to shovel and thoroughly salt the sidewalk to avoid slips, trips, and lawsuits.

The only thing that comforts me during these early winter mornings is knowing that I don’t have it as bad as those with long, winding driveways.

Here are some benefits to condo living in the winter:

1) No shovelling

It’s pretty safe to say that I’m not alone in my hatred of getting out of bed at dawn to shovel snow. Without a driveway or sidewalk to clear, condo owners get to enjoy some extra sleep. Instead, building maintenance staff brave the cold to tackle snow removal.

2) The indoor garbage chute

Picture this: you’re warm and cozy sitting by the fireplace as a snow storm rips through the city. Then, you suddenly remember that tomorrow is garbage day.

For those who live in a house, this revelation would result in a wet, icy trip into the storm or a chilly trek to the cold garage. Condo owners have access to an indoor garbage chute, which is usually on every floor; no parka required.

3) Indoor amenities

Party room at Social at Church + Dundas by Pemberton

Bland snow days are surely a thing of the past for condo owners. Each new development seems to one-up the last with more useful and unique amenities.

From bouldering caves to co-working spaces and basketball courts, condo dwellers don’t have to venture into brisk temperatures to have fun.

4) Safety

Condo living is ideal for those who like to skip winter by skipping town. With 24/7 security, condo owners can rest assured that their home will be in good hands while they’re enjoying the sun elsewhere.

5) Parking garage

Condos usually have an indoor or underground parking garage and many condo dwellers will find that this shaves time off of their stressful morning commute by eliminating the need to warm up the car or scrape off snow and ice.

Stay warm this winter and consider buying a new condo!


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