Why you shouldn’t be afraid of moving in the winter Image

Why you shouldn’t be afraid of moving in the winter

By Sumiko Wilson on Nov 17, 2016

For obvious reasons, moving in the winter isn’t always your first choice. Blustery winds, slippery sidewalks and the looming fear of inclimate weather are enough to derail moving day and deter buyers until the spring.

Weather aside, there are plenty of reasons not to rule out a winter move. Sellers are more motivated and there’s less competition so your chances of entering a bidding war are lower. Plus,  you won’t have trouble with the limited availability of movers and/or trucks. In fact, some moving companies even offer discounted rates in the winter.

With that in mind, consider these tips to make sure that your winter move goes as smoothly as possible:

1) Clear the way

Before things get going, be sure to shovel the sidewalk, driveway, and any other spots that movers will be passing through. Nothing will throw off your move like an injury acquired from an avoidable slip on the ice. Moving is a stressful feat in itself and getting hurt will only add to that.

To steer clear of this, be as thorough as possible when you’re shoveling and keep tools on hand at both properties in case there is any surprise snowfall.

2) Take extra precautions

Once you take measures to protect yourself, don’t forget to protect your stuff as well! Without taking the right precautions, moving can cause some tragic damage to your most treasured trinkets. Accidents are inevitable but you can decrease your chances by opting for durable packaging and insuring more valuable items.

3) Be prepared

Moving in the winter

If possible, take care of all utilities in your new home beforehand so that they are running by the time you move in. Focus on heat and hydro to ensure everything is fully functioning and that the house is nice and warm on move-in day.

4) Start at sunrise

The days are shorter in the winter and you don’t want to move in the dark. To combat this, get started as early as possible. In fact, start at sunrise to optimize your time and take full advantage of daylight before it gets very dark, very quickly.

5) Have a plan B

Inclimate weather is inconvenient and unpredictable. For this reason, despite what the forecast is predicting, book off an alternate day, just in case your moving day is disrupted by wild weather.

6) Protect your floors

When you’re carrying a heavy wooden bed frame, you’re probably not going to consider taking off your shoes and wiping your feet so that you don’t track in dirt and slush.

To make up for this, consider laying down runners or flattened cardboard boxes throughout both homes to protect your flooring. This will keep your home free of slush and will even give movers some extra traction.

Try out these tips and you will surely have a flawless winter move!

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