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By on Sep 10, 2007


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Although having window coverings in your window can lower energy bills by blocking the sun's heat in the summer and reduce heat loss in the winter, they can also block out the sun's UV rays and prevent damage to furniture, flooring, and belongings thereby protecting the durability of your home. You can take your commitment to green living one step further by ensuring your window coverings are made of eco-friendly materials.

Here are some green ideas for window coverings that will increase your home's style while reducing your environmental footprint.

Cellular shades

These window coverings have the highest energy savings and are designed and tested to ensure a long life, reducing landfill waste from short-lived products. In addition, most of the components of these cellular shades are recyclable. This includes the fabric, aluminum head rail and plastic components. There are also additional components in these cellular shades that contain pre-consumer recycled material.

Faux wood blinds

Most faux wood blinds are made from a blend of recycled hardwood and thermal polymers. They are also a post-consumer recyclable product, making them an excellent option for the green conscious customer. Faux wood blinds are constructed from durable, long lasting materials making them a versatile and eco-friendly product for many living spaces.

Environmentally sound wood blinds

These blinds are manufactured from domestic basswood, a material that is available in considerable supply. During the manufacturing process, 99% of the sawdust is recycled and reused as energy to fire the kilns and heat the factory. The need to harvest new materials is reduced and the transportation emissions that result from importing foreign wood are diminished.


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Chemical free roller shades

These are eco-friendly roller shades that do not contain any harmful ingredients such as PVC, CFC, formaldehyde or other organic solvents, antimony and halogen compounds.



Roman shades

Insulating roman shades also offer above average energy savings. Not only are they green, but they also have excellent UV protection and help shield your home from the cold in the winter and the heat in the summer.

Solar shades

Solar shades are window coverings that are used to block solar heat gain and reduce UV transmission all while preserving your view. For the best green option look for brands that are certified low VOC emission fabrics. This means the fabric has passed testing for over 75,000 chemicals including carcinogens and other toxins.

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