You can still have a holiday vibe in your condo building Image

You can still have a holiday vibe in your condo building

By Newinhomes on Dec 03, 2019

Driving around the suburbs at this time of year, you get to take in the holiday decorations lining the streets. You can’t say the same about walking home through the hall of your condo building. 

It’s not against the rules to decorate your condo unit for the holidays, but there are some things you should keep in mind:

Avoid your front door

No matter which condo in Toronto or any other city you live in, you most likely aren’t allowed to decorate or hang anything on the outside of your front door. The outside of your door is considered common element, so it actually isn’t even owned by you. You may be tempted to hang a wreath or something, but you’ll probably be breaking the rules, and will end up having to take it down. 

Ask about your balcony

This area of your condo building is more flexible. Some buildings allow decorations on the balcony and some do not, and some allow it but with restrictions. For example, you may be allowed to have holiday decor on your balcony, but maybe you’re not allowed to attach anything like garland or lights to your railing. 

If you are tempted to hang lights from your balcony railing, we recommend checking with your property management first. If you are allowed, use something secure like twist ties to avoid any chance of the lights coming loose and falling. Things falling off balconies can cause serious injury, so always remember, safety first!

Ask about your windows

If you live in a condo and can see neighbouring windows, there’s a chance you can already see Christmas trees and festive lights illuminating living spaces. Believe it or not, some condos have pretty strict rules about what’s visible through your windows. 

For example, some condos have rules about the colour curtains you’re allowed to have in order to maintain a uniform look on the exterior. If you have rules like this, there’s a chance there are some restrictions when it comes to holiday decorations in your windows. Again, check with your property management to see what is allowed and what isn’t. 

Decorate the lobby!

Some people like coming home to holiday decorations. Most condo management companies will do something to make the lobby look more festive. Some buildings even put up big Christmas trees. 

If you want to engage your neighbours this holiday season, why not connect with property management about setting up a holiday decorating party for all residents. You can make it a potluck and everyone can bring decorations from home to decorate the lobby or tree if your building gets one. 

We hope you’re already feeling the holiday vibe in your condo! 


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