Your opportunity to own a new Net Zero Ready home! Image

Your opportunity to own a new Net Zero Ready home!

By Lucas on Mar 15, 2017

With the announcement of the new single detached home project, Woodlands Preserve in Guelph, Reid’s Heritage Homes is setting a new precedent for energy efficient communities. Each one of the 18 high-end homes will be Net Zero Ready, making them the most energy efficient options in the new home market.   

This is the first new detached home community in Canada to be fully Net Zero Ready. In the fall of 2015, Reid’s Heritage Homes made history as the first builder to complete a Net Zero Home in Canada. This first home was followed by four more in the successful Westminster Woods community in Guelph, and now they are all sold!

You now have another chance to own a new Net Zero Ready home in Guelph with the upcoming launch of Woodlands Preserve. The 50’ detached homes range from 2,717 to 3,385 square feet with three- to five-bedroom floor plans that offer 2.5 to four bathrooms. These will be luxury homes, so you can expect high quality features and finishes inside and out, plus they’ll be equipped with state-of-the-art energy efficiency technology.

What is a Net Zero home?

Woodlands Preserve in Guelph by Reid's Heritage Homes

In short, a Net Zero home generates as much energy as it uses. This is accomplished through a wide variety of systems. One of the most important characteristics of a Net Zero home is the advanced building enclosure.

Achieving airtightness is crucial for an energy efficient home. If air is escaping, it doesn’t matter how much efficient technology you have running. The Net Zero homes feature weather stripping, triple pane low E windows, and high quality insulation.

With an airtight enclosure, other systems can work smoothly and you have full control over the climate and conditions of your home. A few of the mechanical systems include renewable solar power that stores power in a battery bank, an energy recovery ventilator, efficient water solutions that can recover energy from hot water going down your drain, and electrical appliances that reduce energy consumption by 30%, which is more efficient than ENERGY STAR.

A benefit of an energy efficient home is increased comfort level. Air quality affects mood and health, and having more precise control over airflow, heating, and cooling makes a huge difference.

Register for Woodlands Preserve in Guelph

Woodlands Preserve in Guelph by Reid's Heritage Homes

With only 18 detached homes available, there will be a sense of urgency once Woodlands Preserve gets closer to launching. And now that the news is out about every home being Net Zero Ready, the project is even more highly anticipated!

Another reason buyers are showing interest in Woodlands Preserve is because of the great location at Victoria Road South, just south of Stone Road East. The tranquil setting provides a relaxing atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of urban centres, but everything you need on a daily basis like schools and highways are conveniently nearby.

For VIP access, register for Woodlands Preserve today! You can also visit for more information.

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