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  Address: 5 Arthur St. S, Guelph, N1E 5K2

  Phone: (416) 993-6077

That song. Whether you hear it in the car, at a show, or in your kitchen — you belt out every bar without hesitation. That song is your song — the soundtrack of your life, written for no one else. It’s your anthem. Own it.

Welcome to Anthem, The Metalworks’ charismatic fourth phase located in Downtown Guelph. Whether you nod to the rhythm of the river’s babble, the sweet sounds of cobblestone a capellas, or the rhythmic re-telling of the day’s events – the sounds of The Metalworks reverberate in all of us.

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When John Galt founded Guelph he envisioned a town of public squares and streets radiating from a central point along the Speed River. John Galt saw what this site had to offer, but over the years the vision blurred. As the city grew into a vibrant university town this site and the river were cut off from the city. The Metalworks® will reconnect the site and the river to the thriving downtown.

Between this new vision, a highly educated population, and the designation of one of Canada’s safest communities, Guelph is poised to make history again.

The Metalworks® will live at the central point Galt envisioned in the heart of downtown. The city’s landmarks, distinctive limestone architecture, retail, dining, professional services, and entertainment just minutes away. Go and discover.

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