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Mattamy continues its growth along the Etobicoke waterfront with its latest boutique condo, Vita Two. This stunning 16-storey condo offers contemporary, stylish living in a modern community environment. You will enjoy exclusive amenities like an indoor pool, a 24-hour concierge, party room, fitness room, pet wash and even a guest suite. Vita Two allows you to choose from a range of suite designs and sizes. Enjoy the waterfront views, and stroll among the natural trails and parks, while still being only minutes away from downtown.

Floorplan(s) at Vita Two

Model Type From $
V1D-03T Condo
V2-07 Condo
P2-04 Condo
V2-04T Condo
P2-11 Condo
(647) 347-5930$1,013,990
V2-05T Condo
(647) 347-5930$1,121,990
V2-06T Condo
(647) 347-5930$1,130,990
V2-07T Condo
(647) 347-5930$1,687,990
V2D-09 Condo
(647) 347-5930$1,485,990
V2D-08 Condo
(647) 347-5930$1,693,990
TH-02 Townhome
(647) 347-5930$1,355,990
TH-01 Townhome
(647) 347-5930$1,369,990
V3D-08T Condo

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