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  Address: Pickering

  Phone: (416) 227-2220

Yes, you can have it all! Seaton by Fieldgate Homes gives you the best of all worlds. The quiet countryside of North Pickering combined with the convenience of the city. Here you’ll experience modern living at the crossroads between old and new. Featuring 30’, 36’ singles, freehold towns and semis in a cherished setting near shopping, greenspace, restaurants and more, Seaton is quickly becoming Durham’s most affordable option in the GTA. Pickering Town Centre, the sparkling waters of Lake Ontario, and local restaurants abound, this new community has something for everyone. And it’s still mere minutes from Toronto’s eastern border. But don’t hesitate, your exclusive chance to call it home won’t last for long!

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Models at Seaton

Model Type From $
Columbia A Detached
Columbia B Detached
Fox A Detached
Fox B Detached
Darlington A Townhome
Darlington B Townhome
Voyager A Semi-Detached
Voyager B Semi-Detached
Cormorant A Detached
Rondeau A Detached
Earl Rowe A Townhome
Earl Rowe B Townhome
Cormorant B Detached
Rondeau B Detached
2E B Townhome
Cornwall A Townhome
Cornwall B Townhome
Linwood B Townhome
Jasper A Townhome
Jasper B Townhome
Ambrose A Semi-Detached
Ambrose B Semi-Detached
Beaumont A Detached
Fairbanks A Townhome
Fairbanks B Townhome
Beaumont B Detached
Bisset A Detached
Bisset B Detached
Collinson A Townhome
Collinson B Townhome
Bear A Semi-Detached
Bear B Semi-Detached
Collinson End Upgrade Townhome
Roxbury A Townhome
Roxbury B Townhome
Roxbury End Townhome
Wasaga A Townhome
Wasaga B Townhome
Eagle A Detached
Eagle B Detached
Sauble A Townhome
Sauble B Townhome
Bronte A Detached
Hockley B Townhome
Bronte B Detached
Bellhouse A Semi-Detached
Bellhouse B Semi-Detached
Ellison A Detached
Ellison B Detached
Bon Echo A Townhome
Bon Echo B Townhome
Cavern A Detached
Cavern B Detached
Fraser B Detached
Campbell A Semi-Detached
Campbell B Semi-Detached
Charleston A Townhome
Charleston B Townhome
Charleston End Upgrade Townhome
Lockston A Townhome
Bellevue A Detached
Bellevue B Detached
Codroy A Detached
Codroy B Detached
Lockston B Townhome
Adams A Detached
Adams B Detached
Morris B Townhome
Morris A Townhome
Chapleau A Detached
Chapleau B Detached
Callaghan B Townhome
Callaghan A Townhome
Pinery A Townhome
Forillon A Detached
Forillon B Detached
Edward A Detached
Edward B Detached
Fitzroy A Detached
Balmoral A Detached
Fitzroy B Detached
Balmoral B Detached
Killarney A Detached
Killarney B Detached
Gibson A Detached
Gibson B Detached
Gibson Mod A Detached
Gibson Mod B Detached
Holland A Detached
Holland B Detached
Killbear A Detached
Killbear B Detached
Killbear Lot 119 Detached
Macleod B Detached
Macleod A Detached
Macleod Lot 120 Detached

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