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  Address: 89 Church Street, Toronto

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The Saint is a modern play on Japanese minimalism grounded in health and wellness. The architecture, handled by Wallman Architects, is defined by a few distinct elements. A black, brick masonry podium is used to transition the building to the adjacent historical property, while a graphic, punctuated tower carves out a presence along downtown Toronto’s eastern skyline.

Natural, textured materials are used judiciously throughout the interiors, drawing inspiration from biophilic design in an effort to blur the distinction between the indoors and outdoors. Ample amenity space was programmed with the direct intent of elevating the concept of wellness in residential buildings. The prototypical, sprawling condominium spa was completely rethought and replaced with a series of individualized programs, designed to personalize the experience. Residents will be able to transition between an infrared sauna, to a soaking tub to a steam space, that are each enjoyed privately.

A glowing meditation room will feature an entire wall made up of illuminated salt rock, complementing the overall amenity offering.

Floorplan(s) at The Saint

Model Type From $
408 Condo
460 Condo
505 Condo
548 Condo
568 Condo
621 Condo
622 Condo
623 Condo
655 Condo
685 Condo
698 Condo
719 Condo
727 Condo
765 Condo
768 Condo
800 Condo
825 Condo
841 Condo
844 Condo
858 Condo
878 Condo
993 Condo
1014 Condo

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