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Sales Office

  Address: Durham Regional Road 26, Whitby

  Sales Office Hours:
Mon - Thu:
  12:00 AM to 07:00 PM
Sat, Sun:
  12:00 AM to 06:00 PM

  Phone: (416) 993-6077

Nestled in a pristine landscape sculpted by the winding Pringle Creek, a unique new home development in Whitby invites you to nature-inspired living. A limited collection of beautiful Single Family Homes and Townhomes at the corner of Rossland and Thickson Road, moments from all the amenities you need. Life at Ivy Ridge - it really grows on you.

Models at Ivy Ridge

Model Type From $
Abbey Townhome
Clarence Townhome
Mayfield Townhome
Charlton Townhome
Elgin Townhome
Brookside Detached
Victoria End Townhome
Windsor Corner Townhome
Argyle Detached
Clevedon Detached
Langdale Townhome
Danby Townhome
Brakenhill Townhome
Greenhaven Townhome
Fairfield Townhome
Lot 104 - Havelock B Detached
Lot 41 - Havelock A Detached
Havelock Detached
Marsden Townhome
Stonegate End Townhome
Stonegate Upgraded End Townhome
Lot 52 - Leith B Detached
Lot 103 - Leith B Detached
Leith Detached
Lot 22 - Saxon B Detached
Oakley Detached
Ripley Detached
Saxon Detached
Rosemount Detached
Lot 27 - Rosemount B Detached
Lot 55 - Welton B Detached
Welton Detached
Belmont Detached
Drake Detached
Lot 43 - Winchester A Detached
Winchester Detached
Lot 105 - Winchester D Detached
Lot 100 - Winchester D Detached
Laverick Detached
Lot 53 - Winchester B Detached
Lot 61 - Lockton A Detached
Lockton Detached
Lot 59 - Lockton B Detached
Kendalwood Detached
Micklebe Detached
Lot 46 - Micklebe B Detached
Lyndebrook Detached
Tinsley Detached
Lot 49 - Summerfield D Detached
Lot 60 - Summerfield D Detached
Summerfield Detached
Wentworth Detached
Lot 50 - Wentworth D Detached

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