Online Tools Help Make Sense of the Homeownership Process  Image

Online Tools Help Make Sense of the Homeownership Process

It only makes sense, that something as important as a home purchase come with planners and checklists to keep us organized and in control every step of the way.

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Outdoor Entertaining Image

Outdoor Entertaining

There is an inherent casualness about outside entertaining that is hard to resist.

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What's new in air conditioning?

Now that the hot days of summer are coming, it's a good time to consider your air conditioning options.

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Air conditioner tips for the summer ahead Image

Air conditioner tips for the summer ahead

Dave Walton, director of home ideas at Direct Energy offers the following tips to homeowners for priming their air conditioners.

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Home maintenance Image

Home maintenance

If you're like most Canadians, your home is probably your most important investment.

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Garden Ponds Image

Garden Ponds

A garden pond in your home's backyard can be a lovely treat after a long day at work.

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Tea Thyme Image

Tea Thyme

It's easy for tea lovers to grow their own container garden.

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It's Easy Being Green

There are many things to keep if mind when starting to plant your garden.

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Outlawn Image


The garden thief is an opportunist who can't wait to survey the goods and make off with your favourite tools and equipment.

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Increase curb appeal Image

Increase curb appeal

Homeowners can protect the environment and improve the curb appeal of their home with interlocking concrete pavement.

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