Lights, Camera, Action! Image

Lights, Camera, Action!

the sky is the limit when it comes to home theatre.

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Garden Pond Tips: Bringing your pond to life Image

Garden Pond Tips: Bringing your pond to life

Garden ponds are the perfect answer for new homeowners looking to liven up their backyard.

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Home Alarm System Image

Home Alarm System

A home alarm system not only protects your belongings, but also your loved ones.

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Safe Home Image

Safe Home

You see your home as an investment in your future and burglars see it as an investment in theirs.

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Automated Lighting Systems Image

Automated Lighting Systems

An automated lighting system brings a homeowner the ulitimate in control and comfort in their lighting system.

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Insteon Image


Insteon is the powerful home-control networking technology that provides homeowners with the potential to command their homes.

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get wired Image

get wired

What if your exhaust fan was smart enough to know that the fire alarm had been triggered

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Quality Speakers Image

Quality Speakers

Quality speakers placed strategically in your new home is vital when it comes to home entertainment systems.

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Cleaning your computer Image

Cleaning your computer

Cleaning your computer is important because it helps with the computer's performance.

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Healthy Houseplants Image

Healthy Houseplants

Healthy houseplants are a great way of getting rid of indoor air pollution.

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