Foyer Eyes Only Image

Foyer Eyes Only

The foyer is more than a fancy name for the place where you hang your coat and take off your shoes.

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Reupholstering Furniture Image

Reupholstering Furniture

Reupholstering furniture works for the sentimental and the thrifty.

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Baby on Board Image

Baby on Board

Planning around child safety issues will serve to enhance the enjoyment of your home.

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Spring Cleaning Image

Spring Cleaning

Serenity blossoms in a household that is clean, uncluttered, and organized.

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Preparing for a Showing Image

Preparing for a Showing

There are many tricks that home stagers use to help with the sale of a home.

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Stone Image


Stone is beautiful: its reputation as cold, hard, and grey undeserved

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Pillow Talk Image

Pillow Talk

As you restfully sleep, did you know your pillow is performing many tasks, the least important being assuring you are comfortable.

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Kitchen Knives Image

Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives produce specific carvings or slices for skilled home chefs.

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Childproofing Your Home Image

Childproofing Your Home

When moving in, consider the potential safety hazards that might accompany a new setting for any curious youngster.

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Villa Homes Image

Villa Homes

The Tuscan style is earthy, sensuous, and warm.

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