window frames, fibreglass shingles, hardwood floor Image

window frames, fibreglass shingles, hardwood floor

From laminate to low-e, the descriptions of the features and finishes of your new home are often difficult to decipher.

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Blinds and shades Image

Blinds and shades

Blinds and shades are something that some new homeowners are unprepared for when moving into their new home or condo.

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Foyer décor Tips: How to make the most of your foyer Image

Foyer décor Tips: How to make the most of your foyer

Foyer décor is what visitors will see upon first entering, so a warm and friendly design is vital to ensure you leave a good first impression.

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protecting your home Image

protecting your home

Homebuying decisions should not be made on the size and decor of kitchens and bathrooms alone, but on the merits of good home security as well.

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Bright Ideas Image

Bright Ideas

Lighting is sometimes overlooked or ignored but plays an essential role in setting the mood and personality of your home.

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Lighting the Way Image

Lighting the Way

Lighting in your dining room can be a challenge especially when it comes to cast lighting.

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design-driven doors Image

design-driven doors

Doors are getting bigger and better as homeowners recognize the impression they can make.

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Builder Décor Stores Image

Builder Décor Stores

Builder décor stores offer one-stop shopping for new homebuyers.

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Furnishing Small Spaces Image

Furnishing Small Spaces

If you find yourself with less than six hundred square feet, you might not be able to fit a grand piano in your living room.

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Fireplaces Image


Fireplaces are hot these days, and not just to the touch.

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