VIDEO: Maintaining Your New Home with Tips from Tarion Image

VIDEO: Maintaining Your New Home with Tips from Tarion

As a new homeowner you might be unsure of what maintenance procedures you need to conduct and when. Not to worry! This Tarion educational video will guide you through each season discussing the importance of home maintenance, providing valuable tips and

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Home Insurance - Protect Your Family Image

Home Insurance - Protect Your Family

Congratulations! You're making the move from your family home to an exciting, new, adult lifestyle community. You've spent considerable time and effort in choosing the right community for you and the same consideration should be given to the insurance

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Sealing the Deal Image

Sealing the Deal

No one likes to make a purchase and then find out that there are hidden fees attached to the original price. This is especially true for a large purchase, like a new home. In truth, the extra costs associated with the purchase of a new home aren't hidden

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Cutting Your Home Energy Costs Image

Cutting Your Home Energy Costs

By Mark SalernoDid you know that you may be eligible for a 10 per cent refund on your Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) mortgage insurance premium if you use CMHC insured financing to purchase, build, or renovate your home to make it energy

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Now or Later? Your Financial Strategy Image

Now or Later? Your Financial Strategy

Finances aren't something that everyone readily understands, but having a financial strategy is a necessity for a new homeowner. When money is tight, you have to be careful with every penny. You also want to think about how you can get ahead. Where

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Scoring Big with Credit Image

Scoring Big with Credit

Many of us have heard the terms credit report and credit score being thrown around, but before one can really understand what a credit score represents, it is important to first understand what it is based on. Credit, by definition, is borrowed money

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What are Property Taxes? Image

What are Property Taxes?

Property tax. What is it and why do we have to pay it? If you own property, you are expected to pay a tax determined by the value of that property. And every year a number is provided that determines what percentage of your home's value you will be

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Saving Money - Part 2 Image

Saving Money - Part 2

Electronics: Once you add up the cost of renting movies, going to the theatre, and buying expensive snacks, prices can really skyrocket. Digital cable can be a great way to enjoy unlimited movies on demand with just one monthly cost.You will eliminate

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Managing a New Home Warranty is Just a Click Away Image

Managing a New Home Warranty is Just a Click Away

By TarionBuying a new home is an exciting and busy time – and while managing a new home warranty may not be at the top of the long to-do list, it is an essential part of maintaining this major purchase.All new houses and condominiums in Ontario come with

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Learn More About Mortgage Pre-approval Image

Learn More About Mortgage Pre-approval

A pre-approval might be best defined as your license to go house shopping. In essence there's no sense in finding the home of your dreams if you're not already 110% sure you can afford if comfortably. There's also no sense in spending your valuable time

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